Santa’s Rig: If Santa’s Sleigh Were A Wrangler

Santa in a Wrangler!

Everyone knows that Santa has a lot of places to go in one night, that’s why he can’t afford to be without transportation. Fortunately he doesn’t have to worry about that with his flying reindeer, however, if the reindeer decide to take the night off, he has to go with plan B. This is where a Jeep Wrangler would likely come into play. A Jeep JK Unlimited is going to be the best stand in sleigh thanks to the unmatched off-road performance, the removable hardtop and durability you get with a Wrangler, something other off-road vehicles can’t replicate. (more…)

Craigslist Restoration Wrangler of the Week

In Ulysses, Pennsylvania sits a 1992 YJ Wrangler waiting for someone to take it home.

This 1992 YJ has some great things going for it, clean title, working four-wheel drive,and a solid frame. With only 134,163 miles on this Jeep, it has a very low average of about 5,833 miles a year. This Wrangler is being sold with a replacement 5-speed manual transmission, YJ front bumper, and front driver’s side fender to help aid the restoration. The current owner of the Wrangler has stated that the current transmission in it is shot due to stripped gears, thankfully the owner is selling the YJ with a functioning replacement. If you would like to keep the numbers matching a simple swap of the replacement transmission’s guts into the original case would be a great plan.

Wrangler Restortion 

Judging by the pictures this YJ will need some work to repair:


The frame appears to be in fairly good shape, the very back of the frame rails may need some attention but they could be saved. This Wrangler could use some new tires due to age and wear, which also provides a great excuse to install a lift kit.

Additonal Wrangler Modifications 

After the installation of the transmission, fender, and bumper which have fortunately already been purchased, there are a few other things that will be needed. A new set of floor pans, body rust repairs, and possibly new tires are a few things that would be needed to restore this YJ. If you want to lift it, add oversized tires, and give it a new paint job, to make it look even better.

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