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With over 10 years’ experience manufacturing Jeep Wrangler parts from bumpers to sound bars; Rugged Ridge has established themselves as a trusted leader in the aftermarket Wrangler part industry. Their parts have been battle tested on the toughest trails around and are durable to take on the most extreme terrains.


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$25 Rebate on Cold Air Intakes by AEM


To help celebrate the summer, AEM is offering up to $25 back on any of their cold air intake systems! If you have been looking for an excuse to get one or have been waiting for the right time, then you better hurry because this deal will be gone July 31st! Cold air intakes can help your engine breath better, which can help with throttle response, fuel economy and possible give you another horse or two. So check it out on AEM’s Wrangler parts and fill out this rebate form to get $25 back! (more…)