2016: Jeep to Build Wrangler Pickup Truck

Possible 2016 jeep Wrangler pickup Truck
Straight from the horse’s mouth – Jeep president and CEO Mike Manley expressed his desire to meet North America’s demand for a Jeep Wrangler pickup truck by putting one into production with the next generation of Wranglers at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

The last time a Jeep pickup graced the streets was the Jeep Comanche back in 1992, but demand in the states for a Jeep pickup truck has been ramping up over the past few years, with the Wrangler platform as a frontrunner. Now, with the Jeep Wrangler coming off its best selling year in history, Mr. Manley expressed the company’s interest in expanding the Jeep lineup and a Jeep pickup truck is exactly what he has in mind. Noting that sales of the currently available JK-8 pickup truck conversion kit for Wranglers has far exceeded their initial expectations, Manley was adamant about Jeep owners driving the company forward and forming the overall direction of the business – and the current path seems to be leading right to a pickup truck. Whether this new addition to the Jeep lineup will be a full-sized truck or a compact pickup like the Comanche is also yet to be addressed, but a good guess has the new addition looking very similar to the JK-8 conversions.

As for when to expect a new Jeep truck on dealer’s lots, many will tell you Jeep plans to wait until the projected 2016 release of the next generation Wranglers. So long as Jeep keeps with their current trend of releasing their next generations every ten years, 2016 will be when the Wrangler gets its next overhaul and could be joined by a new fleet of pickup trucks when they start showing up at dealerships across North America.

A “Baby” Jeep Wrangler!?

Also hinted at by CEO Mike Manley was the production of a smaller Jeep (coined ‘baby jeep”) that will be riding on a Fiat platform in the coming years, possibly even as soon as 2014. Few details are known outside of Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne confirming Fiat is to produce a “Jeep variant” of Fiat’s 500x crossover.

Looking to the Future

As Jeep pushes further into the global battle over automotive sales, the popularity of its flagship vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler, is hitting all-time highs here in the states. Clearly, Jeep feels it’s time to cash in on the growing opportunity to introduce new models to US markets in an effort to expand its overall market share. If Jeep can transfer the main selling points of its current brand and keep new models affordable to the majority of consumers, there’s little reason to doubt the possibility of success when also considering the strong brand loyalty within its current customer base.

News Sources: Fiat-based Jeep, Wrangler Pickup

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6 Responses to “2016: Jeep to Build Wrangler Pickup Truck”

  1. NeverWaltz@4/4

    The Comanche was Cherokee based, not Wrangler. The closest to a Wrangler based civilian production Jeep was the CJ-8. The CJ-8 was a CJ though, not a Wrangler.

    • Kevin Hanna Jr

      The Comanche wouldn’t look like a Comanche if they used todays Cherokee to make the new one. The new Wrangler is much closer to the look and function. All you seem to care about is name, name, name. Comparing the old Cherokees to the new ones is like comparing a 67 Camaro to an 87 Camaro, the old one was WAY better and a completely different car but it seems like you’d say they’re the same care because they have the same name. Kinda like the new Dart sucks and is the new Neon but you probably think it’s a Dart. My 91 Wrangler had a CJ hood and grille. Not sure why you’re whining about the difference of a CJ and a Wrangler… Wranglers ARE the new CJ’s. It’s plain and simple… Or so I thought.

  2. Ron

    Please just make the damm wrangler truck with removable freedom top and I will buy one every year , how cool would it bo to have a convertable truck for work

  3. architect

    We love Crew cab Wrangler, but just traded our crew cab Nissan Frontier Pick up 4×4 on the Crew Cab Eco Diesel Dodge Ram 4×4. our local dealer is dodge/Jeep and even my wife noted the quad cab Wrangler would be the ideal second vehicle. that’s beyond our budget. but a crew cab wrangler pick up with the Eco diesel would be a great upgrade from the Ram.


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