Jeep Jamboree Catskill Mountains Sept. 24-26 Monticello New York

You can go to New York City to go shopping, people watching, or to stay up late soaking in the nightlife, or just 100 miles north of New York City you can drop by to enjoy 2 full days of the Catskill Mountains Jeep Jamboree in Monticello New York September 24-26th 2009.

The Catskill Mountains offers Jeep Off Roading enthusiast a wide variety of trails for anyone from a greenhorn to a seasoned vet off roader. They got mud, they got rocks, they got hill climbs and river crossings, they got excitement and challenges beyond belief. The Catskills houses 12 different trails and the 101 course where you can just see how good your off-roading skills are. In the evening you can enjoy the commodore with other Jeep enthusiasts around the bonfire. You still have time to make it to the Jeep Jamboree at the Catskill Mountains. So get your Jeep ready and make a trip of it!

Registration is full but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the excitement! For more information and future Jeep Jamborees visit

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I was so excited when I saw this but then deflated quickly when I saw that the registration was full. I contacted them anyway and found out that there was a cancellation list. I’m 4th in line so there is still hope. If not this one, maybe another one will be available soon.


  2. These events seem to fill up pretty fast. I notice that both of the ones you featured were full. I wonder if there is a way to find out about future ones in the early stages so I won’t be left out again.


  3. One of my cousins is at this Jamboree. I wish I lived close enough to him to go to but I live at the other side of the US. This is his first event and he was really hyped up about the weekend. I can’t wait to hear how he did.


  4. I bet this is a beauty of a ride through the mountains. Some of the trees have already started to turn and the air is probably cool to crisp. I’ve always enjoyed being in the outdoors. I’ve never been off roading but it sounds like a blast.


  5. My boyfriend went to the Jamboree after dropping me off in New York. I shopped and attended broadway shows with my girlfriend and he jeeped to his hearts content. We both went home extremely happy.


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