Borrego Springs Jeep Jamboree Oct. 15-17, 2009

JJUSA Borrego Springs
3rd Borrego Springs Jeep Jamboree Oct. 15-17, 2009 Borrego Springs California

Are you looking to test out your Jeep’s capabilities in the raw and wild? Want to know how well it articulates through narrow and winding trails full of close encounters with bulging boulders, invasive trees, water, and more? Want to test your Jeep’s traction climbing up steep hills? Do you want to enjoy a couple days playing on a wide range of trails from mild to some of the most extreme obstacles one could encounter? If you answered yes to any of these then Borrego Springs is for you!

Borrego Springs is located in California, 160 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The trails of Borrego Springs has great destinations to test your abilities as an off-roading, 4-wheeling Jeep enthusiasts like “Broken Axle Alley” and the climb to the old Calcite Mine. All you need is your Jeep and you and you are good to go. There is still a limited amount of space left open for this event and if you are interested, you need to contact and register.

Need top get your Jeep up and running in tip top shape for the event? Contact us at XtremeTerrain and we will get you in the parts you need so you too can hit the trails!

Enjoy the little clip I came across of some footage of the Borrego Springs Trails.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I love being off road but that first picture looked like a pretty tight fit to me. Maybe it was just the angle of the camera. I just got my Jeep painted and I’d hate to have my paint job all scratched up. But then again, I can always have it touched up.


  2. Hey, looks like they got themselves a convoy, rock style that is. I have just got to try this. I guess that means I’m in the market for a jeep. I found this sight a few weeks back and I keep finding myself back here to watch more.


  3. That looks pretty cool. I have a Jeep but I’ve never had it off road before. I think it would be fun to go to one of the Jamborees and do it as part of the crowd. That way, if I get in trouble, there will be plenty of help around!


  4. I’ve never been to this area before but it sounds really great. I probably won’t make it out there until Spring, but it’s not too soon to start planning for it.


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