Jeep Muddin’ Part 3

This is my last part of my Jeep Muddin’ series to close the week out with. In finishing there is just a few more things I would like to share with everyone on mudding. First off guys and gals – turn your wipers on before you even enter the mud pit! Some Jeep mud lovers’ have been known to keep the washer fluid motor running full-time to help dilute the mud and aid in visibility.

So you are in the mud and you start slowing down. The resistance and depth is too much or your tires are not suited for the job. This is a smart time to let off on the gas and try to back up a little and start at it again at a bit of a different angle. You want to avoid spinning your tires at a dead stop, it will only clog up your tires and leave you sitting on your frame. Work your steering wheel in a back and forth motion when hitting at it again if you are making any progress. As long as you are moving forward, do not let off on the gas, but when progress stop, back up and hit it again.

After a long fun filled day of mudding you are going to have a real mess on your hands. Be prepared to spend some quality clean up time on your sweet Jeep. The sooner you hit it, the better because after it dries it is a real pain to remove. If you can drive through a car wash without having an attendant scream at you, this is a quick way to get the masses of the mud off, but there is still the undercarriage that you will want to pay extra attention to. Be careful not to get water into your differential and gear boxes – it will cause your gear oil to break down and burn out your bearings and gears. Make sure to pay attention to cleaning of the brake components, starter motor, alternator, and rim walls, rims, and back of rims. If you are doing your clean up at home, run a lawn sprinkler under your jeep for a while first to loosen up the heavy clumps of mud. It will make it come off much easier when it comes to spraying it with your pressure hose. Jacking it up can also make it easier for you to get down and dirty getting your Jeep shining like new.

In closing I would like to share with you this video I found on YouTube about some guys mudding in some thicker than molasses mud – talk about some mud resistance. The clean up on this jeep will take quite some time – I would hate to be the person that has to clean the under carriage of that thing! Another comment on the safety side – what was that guy thinking standing by the winch cable? That is like a suicide mission! The info for this clip is as follows “MAMITA, some specs are: 4.56:1 R&P’s, a Low 5.0:1 ATLAS II Transfer Case and a GM SM465 transmission(1st gear is 6.55:1), the Crawl ratio is an amazing 135:1 too much for mud… the engine is a stock Chevy 350ci with Jacobs ignition and a Holley Truck avenger carb.”

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Holy crap, did that Jeep get out of that mud hole? I’m sorry, that doesn’t even look like fun. I don’t mind a little dirt but that is down right ridiculous.


  2. I look at that picture and all I can say is ‘WOW’. That is totally gross looking. I really enjoy Jeeping but I’ve never seen a vehicle look that bad before. Since our Jeep is open we tend to not drive it in bad weather. Maybe that’s why I’ve missed seeing something like this before.


  3. Totally radical dude! I’ve been off road and experienced some mud but nothing like I see here. I’ll need to look into some different tires. I know the ones I have now would be useless in this terrain.


  4. I was looking at that first picture and it doesn’t look like there is any one behind the wheel. Of course, with all that mud he could be there and I still wouldn’t see him.


  5. I’m assuming that these are trips you would not want to take alone. If you got totally stuck in a mud pit like this Jeep obviously did, you would need someone to pull you out. I don’t know that I’m brave enough to try it.


  6. How the hell do they ever get all of that mud out of everything? I would think that would be a monumental task to clean it inside and outside, particularly underneath. I’m afraid it’s not something I would want to attempt. I’m talking about the cleaning. If I had someone willing to clean my Jeep for me I’d hit a mud pit immediately.


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