13 Year Old Off-Roading Rock Climbing Rocking It!

Thomas Grady Rock Climbing

Off-roading isn’t just for the big boys and girls, in some cases such as this one, kids are just as big as enthusiasts as the adults! Thirteen-year-old Thomas Grady has been stealing audiences attention with his rock climbing skills since he was nine years old.

The idea of a nine year old driving a modified jeep up and down boulder infested trails seems comical to some and to others insane little lone the fact that he has been driving his father’s (Alan Grady) jeep off-roading since he was five! However Thomas’s skills has people sitting up, not laughing and actually taking this young lad’s skills quite serious as he is winning trophies over his adult competition!

Thomas Grady partakes in the RROCK Extreme Rockcrawl Series who does not enforce any age or license restrictions on the competitors although Thomas is the youngest competitor they have to date.

This just goes to show, Jeep off-roading can totally be a family adventure and sport!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. 5 years old is pretty mind blowing. My Dad is pretty cool but I was 12 before he let me try it. Alan is a pretty lucky little guy along with being extremely talented.


  2. That just boggles the mind that a child could be competing against adults and winning. He must be an extraordinary kid. Lucky too, not many dads would allow their youngsters to drive a Jeep at that age.


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