After The Trails

You had a successful fun filled weekend off-roading and it’s time to head home, back to your normal workweek. As depressing as that sounds, your off-roading adventure isn’t quite yet over. After a weekend of off-roading, before you can kick back and enjoy the few moments left before going back to your daily grind, there are some things you need to take care of for your vehicles sake.

When calling it quits on the trails for the day or weekend it is important that you give your off-roading vehicle a good going over before even leaving the trails. Inspect your vehicle to ensure it is still in safe driving condition before even taking it out on the highways to head home. If everything is in good working order, you will be good to go, but only after checking your tires. Check the pressure in your tires and air up if necessary before hitting the public roadways.

When you arrive back home, before you put your Jeep up, there are still items that need to be taken care of before you can call it quits.

Wash your engine: Hose your engine down to remove any debris or mud that may have accumulated. After thoroughly clean check for any leaks, loose belts, hoses or clamps, or any other physical damage that may have occurred during your adventures.

Check your fluids and examine the differential and transmission for cracks and the fluids for water.

Clean your brake drums if applicable. Mud and or sand can build up in the drums causing your brakes to wear down quickly. While you are at it, check your CV boots, struts and shocks, and other underbody parts. Look at the joints, bearings, and other parts that require grease and re-grease as needed. Check your vehicles’ suspension system and tighten items such as the track bar, control arm, shocks, and spring that can easily loosen during your adventures.

Restock any supplies that may have been used while off roading such as any spare fluids used, first aid equipments, spare parts, etc. Check your recovery straps and tow ropes condition and replace if needed. Clean all your tools so they are ready to go when you are ready to head out on your next off roading adventure.

Lastly, show your jeep some love and give it a complete inside and out cleaning including vacuuming, and windows! A clean and safe Jeep is a happy Jeep and makes for a happy Jeep Off roading enthusiast!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Solid advice, as usual. I don’t like the cleanup, but I do like my Jeep to be road ready when I am, so I consider it a labor of love and just do it.


  2. Like everything else, cleanup is a chore we would like to forget. Not a good idea when it comes to an off road vehicle. You need to check for safety reasons as well as keeping the vehicle clean. If left dirty, you might overlook a potential problem and that will never do. The life you save, might be your own.


  3. It cost me a total brake job before I realized that I was not cleaning well enough. Where were you when I needed you? Just kidding. You make several good points here. Thanks.


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