Surely you didn’t think I was finished giving you great gift ideas for the holidays did you? Of course not! Especially when there are so many more great items to be had for some absolutely great prices!

Every off-roader needs a solid recover kit and many accessories. What I am about to share with you varies in prices starting at less than $30.00 and up – so even if times are a bit tight, you can still show your off-roader you care and do take stake in their off-roading activity.

Recovery Kits and Accessories Featured items:

15 in Wide-Mouth Tool Bag by OK Offroad – $28.95
Need a mega-duty tool bag for your trail tools? This 18-inch wide-mouth tool bag with re-enforced everything is the way to go. Use as a tool bag, or as a recovery gear kit bag. http://www.xtremeterrain.com/15inwide-mouthtoolbagbyokoffroad.aspx

OK Offroad XD Extreme Duty Off-Road Recovery Chain Kit – $154.95
As well as for vehicle recovery, the XD Recovery Chain Kit’s chain is used to drag fallen trees and logs off 4WD trails. It is plated to prevent rust, and comes with chain hooks (2). The chain is particularly useful for securing a winch anchor point in rocky areas where a nylon tree strap is not suitable. Every 4WD owner should carry a recovery chain in heavy conditions. They will last a lifetime and have absolutely unlimited uses.

Included in Kit is:
2″ x 25′ double-ply recovery strap.
5/16″ x 20′ recovery chain with hooks.
7/8″ D-Ring shackles (2).
Suede cowhide work gloves, with protective cuffs.
15″ wide-mouth Gear Bag, heavy-duty nylon zipper, outer pockets, and hard fiber floor.

Our recovery chain is made from Boron treated steel, which provides a high strength to weight ratio. It is superior for use in towing, recovery, and safety chains

OK Offroad Heavy Duty 4×4 Offroad Snatch Kit – $180.95
The HD Snatch Kit is the all-in-one kit bag for off-road recovery for those with a winch-equipped vehicle. Kit contains the Snatch Strap, which is designed to free stuck vehicles by stretching, and then recoiling to its original length. 3″ x 30′ snatch strap. 3″ x 6′ double-ply tree saver. Steel Receiver bracket w/ D-shackle. 3/4″ D-Ring shackles (2). Suede cowhide work gloves, with protective cuffs. 18″ wide-mouth Gear Bag, heavy-duty nylon zipper, outer pockets, and hard fiber floor.

Mile Marker Winch Accessories Kit – $203.95
Enhance the performance of your winch with Mile Markers Winch Accessories Kit. Complete with everything you need in a winch situation.
Enhances winch performance
Complete accessories kit
Heavy duty nylon bag, light reflective orange strips, 3″X15′ tow/tree strap (24,000 lb rating), 2 heavy duty 3/4″ shackles, heavy duty snatch black (24,000 lb rating), and leather gloves

Superwinch Large Off-Road Accessory Kit – $221.95
Heavy Duty Pulley Block 20,000 lb.
Two Bow Shackles
Nylon Sling
Nylon Carry Bag
Heavy Duty Leather Palmed Gloves

Warn Heavy-Duty Winching Accessory Kit with Camouflage Bag $411.95

To go prepared means not only having the right winch and mounting system, but the accessories to go along with it. It could be a snatch block to help with angled pulls, or a tree protector to tread lightly. Whatever you need, combining your WARN winch with the correct accessory kit makes is an even more versatile and productive tool. Heavy-duty snatch block. 24,000 lbs/10886 kgs maximum capacity. Tree trunk protector, 4″ x 8′ (10 cm X 2.4m). Rated to 30,000 lbs breaking strength. 10′ of 5/16″ (3 m of 8 mm) grade 7 choker chain with hooks. Clevis/D-shackle, 3/4″ (20 mm) pin diameter. Standard recovery strap, 3″ x 30′ (8 cm x 9m). Rated to 21,600 lbs/9797 kgs

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m getting the wide mouthed tool bag for my son to stow his Jeep tools. And then, I’m getting one for myself because I like the way it looks. I don’t have a Jeep but I have plenty of tools to fill that baby up.


  2. I’d love to have the OK Offroad XD Extreme Duty Off-Road Recovery Chain Kit. It’s a little more than what we usually spend on each other, but I think there might be a chance she’ll go for it. Wish me luck.


  3. I really like the wide mouth tool bag and I’m betting my brother will too. His tools are usually scattered all over the inside of his Jeep. I know he’ll appreciate getting it. Now, all I have to worry about is training him to use it!


  4. The Superwinch Large Off-Road Accessory Kit would make an awesome gift for my hubby. He’s been using one that belongs to his cousin so I know he would so like to have one of his own.


  5. Yee hah, the only trouble I’m having with this list is deciding which one I want most. I may have to resort to eeny, meeny, miney, moe to help me with the decision.


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