Good Driving Ethics Keep Trails Open

More and more trails are being closed down lately and although they are not all related to the users driving ethics, displaying good driving ethics and consideration for the land helps to keep off-roaders in a positive light.

A concerned off-roader who displays good driving ethics always leaves the area in better shape than when they arrived. Waste is properly disposed of properly, fire is used respectfully – in moderation and only with proper authorization, and you take every precaution to avoid spreading invasive species.

An off-roader displaying good driving ethics has respect for others using the trails including hikers, bikers, campers as well as their fellow off-roading enthusiasts. Although with off-roading trails there is expected to be activity and even a certain level of noise, however, always do your best not to outwardly try to disturb others. Granted, if campers are camping out along a off-roading trail they should expect a certain level of activity as well as noise, however when possible try to hold the noise level and dirt level down when driving past them. Keep the excessive “after trail partying” noise level down as well.

Encourage your friends with you also to abide by these standards. With everyone working together, we can give off-roaders a better image and cease the negativity from the environmentalists and the media.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m glad you mentioned cleaning up after yourself. All too often that does not occur. It makes me really mad to see someone toss their trash out of a moving vehicle like the earth is their dumping ground. Gives all of us a bad name.


  2. Add some common sense items to that list and you’ve covered just about all the bases. You know people have to have some common sense, but I’ve seen several who don’t use it.


  3. I know where you are heading with the article but driving ethics is a concern for every driver. There is a serious lack on every road across the US.


  4. It only takes one rotten apple to spoil a bushel. Idiots behind the wheel are no different. They can have a disastrous effect for the rest of us. They need to stop and think before acting, something they are obviously not doing now.


  5. Some people can be real jerks and seem to enjoy ruining it for others. It’s too bad they can’t be identified and banned from such places rather than to cause problems for everyone else. It doesn’t seem fair.


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