Snow Driving Tips For 4×4 Vehicles Off Road

Off-roading in the wintertime brings on new challenges, as I have mentioned before, however sand and snow are not much different other than extreme freezing temperatures! Here are some helpful tips to help keep you from winding up stuck in a position that could put you at serious risk.

1. When riding through deep snow or sand, deflate your tires slightly to increase the tire’s footprint and provide better traction. Remember though that deflated tires decrease your ground clearance. Also do not forget to re-inflate them before going back out on the public roads.

2. Use higher gears and keep your speed up and your momentum steady to pull through. Avoid spinning your tires. When you spin your tires you heat them up and the snow beneath you causing melting, then icy slicker conditions. If your wheels start to spin, ease off the throttle just a bit and allow the tires to slow down and regain traction.

3. If you lose traction and your jeep is barely moving start turning the steering wheel quickly from side to side in short strokes, causing a rocking motion and allowing the front tire walls to find extra grip. You don’t have to turn them more than an 1/8th of turn side to side.

4. If packed snow conditions force you to drive in ruts, always know where your front wheels are pointed. Your Jeep will follow the follow the ruts, even when you try turning out of them. Keep your wheel in line with the rut. Should you encounter an area where the rut is not as severe and you have your wheel turned out of the rut, your tire will regain traction causing your Jeep to veer off sharply and quickly making it very possible for you to lose control and cause damage to your Jeep.

5. Remember that hard snow crossed in the early morning can be impassable when soft in the afternoon.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I wish they would make it mandatory to get some training before you let someone loose off road in the snow. If they don’t know what they are doing, someone is going to get hurt and I don’t want it to be me.


  2. Those extreme freezing temperatures can be a concern, but only if you are not prepared. Snow Jeeping is great fun and I wouldn’t miss out on it for anything. I love being the first vehicle into an area of fresh fallen snow. There’s nothing that compares.


  3. I just got my Jeep this past summer and haven’t had the opportunity to get it out on the snow. I’m looking forward to it but so far we’ve only had flurries that didn’t amount to much. I appreciate the tips.


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