Benefits of Jeep Steering Stabilizers

A steering stabilizer, also referred to as a steering damper, works like a shock absorber for your steering system.

The steering stabilizer is meant to protect the steering column – and your wrists – from whatever you are putting your tires through.

A good steering stabilizer can be found for around $50, which is much cheaper than replacing your steering linkage. Depending on your health insurance, it should also be cheaper than fixing whatever damage is done to your wrists. (Read Full Articles Here)

RS5000 Steering Stabilizer with 1987-06 Wrangler by Rancho
Your Price: $47.95
Rancho steering stabilizers are designed to improve vehicle control by reducing steering shimmy and driver fatigue. Stabilizers enable you to help protect your front-end suspension components and reduce tire wear. Stabilizer is standard eyelet style (eye holes on both ends). Shock boot has factory cut slots at the bottom and black bushings are painted white by Rancho. Extended length is 19-3/4 and collapsed length is 12. Kit includes: 1 stud, 2 washers, 2 nuts, 1 cotter pin, 1 sleeve, 1 red boot and zip tie.

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I learned about steering stabilizers the hard way. I was really green when I first got my Jeep 3 years ago. I figured it was made for off road and I lit out to the hills from the dealership. It cost me a bundle to have my Jeep fixed and after that I made it my business to know all about what my Jeep needed to be able to perform like I needed. It was an expensive lesson, but I’m a quick learner!


  2. I just bought a used Jeep recently from a hothead driver who didn’t take very good care of his ride. The steeringlLinkage had to be replaced among other things. I really believe that was the worst of the damage. He blamed the manufacturer for using defective parts. I guess he forgot how he abused the hell out of it. He was told more than once he was being way to hard on the vehicle. A good steering stabilizer, which I am having put on, would have gone a long ways given his mistreatment of it. Oh yeah, there are a couple of dents on the side where he kicked it. I think his best bet would be an anger management session or 2 or 3 or 4 or more!


  3. My buddy and I bought an older Jeep and are making all of the repairs and enhancements ourselves as money permits. I really like you site and all the information that I have found here. We joined the local club and one of the members sent us to your site. We should have it ready by early summer and we can hardly wait to get it off road.


  4. Thanks to your site I have found the perfect birthday gift for my hubby. I’m thinking he will be pretty impressed with both the gift and me. Thanks.


  5. I take my Jeep out over some pretty rough terrain and driver fatigue is something I can totally relate to. Since I added the steering stabilizer it is much better. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before.


  6. I didn’t understand the importance of steering stabalizers until a friend of mine let me drive his Jeep off road. I couldn’t believe the difference in what was basically the same year and model of Jeep. I asked about the changes he had made and adding the steering stabalizer was on the list. He explained why he had made each change and the benefits they provided. I had no idea he was so smart.


  7. Just replaced the steering linkage and it was not cheap. I’m having the steering stabilizer kit put on before I pick it up. It’s going to be an expensive fix and update but I do believe I’ll be happy with it.


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