Mark’s TJ with the 3.25″ Rough Country Lift

Here is a picture of Mark with his new 3.25″ Rough Country lift installed on his 2001 TJ running 33×12.50 BFG’s. Thanks for sharing the results with us Mark. Looks great.

Mark's TJ with 3.25 Rough Country Lift Kit
Mark's TJ with 3.25 Rough Country Lift Kit

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. The sun should have been on the other side of the Jeep. It’s kind of hard to see how well the lift looks. Maybe it was the transfer to the internet that clouded it up. I’m contemplating the same thing for mine. I just wish the picture had been clearer.


  2. I just had this kit installed on my Jeep recently and I love the difference it made. Several other members of the club I belong to are going to follow my lead. It was a great investment and will enhance the fun this summer.


  3. I’m having this same kit installed right now. I’m in the waiting room watching them through the bay window. I can hardly wait to try it out when they get done.


  4. I am looking at this same kit and the shop seems like they are hitting me high on labor fees. The website above lists 2-3 hours to install but they are asking for $560 for labor. Does this seem right or should I ask for a second opinion?


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