Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado

I have been out searching for more Jeep Off Roading clubs around the United States. As I find them, I will continue to post them here so if you live in the area of one of the clubs and don’t already belong, you can be informed of what is around you. Often times Jeep Off-Road clubs have their own special events, (like ones I have posted about in the past) where anyone can partake in and with summer coming and looking to plan a little vacation time, connecting with another club is a great way to connect with other likeminded people if you care to venture in their direction. In my search to bring various Jeep Clubs to the forefront I came across the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado. The following is information from their website and their contact information if you are interested in attending their upcoming event – 2010 All-4-Fun in Silverton, Colorado being held July 31, 2010 thru August 7, 2010.

About the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado

“On August of 1956, Kurland Motors sent out an informational letter to Jeep owners. With the help of the grapevine, a surprising 500 Jeepers packed the Kurland Motors Showroom. The consensus that night was to form the first four-wheel drive club in the state of Colorado and the Mile Hi Jeep Club was born. Our official registered logo is a red, white, and blue representation of a Jeep climbing 14,264 foot Mt. Evans, with Mt. Elbert in the background.”

(With such a great camaraderie in its history, it is no doubt that this Jeep off roading club knows what being a Jeeper is all about.)

Mile-Hi Jeep Club purpose:

“The purpose of the Mile Hi Jeep Club of Colorado is to unite adventure loving people in worthwhile 4-wheel drive activities; to educate its members in the proper manner of all road driving; to protect and preserve the natural beauty and terrain; to participate on a volunteer basis in search and rescue and other humanitarian missions as the community needs; to share good fellowship while operating our vehicles in a manner as to preserve and protect our land for all generations; and to extend the courtesy of the open road to all.”

What a great mission statement! Way to go Mile Hi! Coming soon is the Mile Hi Jeep Club’s 44th annual All-4-Fun Week in Silverton, Colorado (July 31, 2010 thru August 7, 2010). From what I read, there is still time to register for this event if you are interested, but spots are filling up fast so jump on this quick if you are going to be out that way!

Information about event from their website and contact information:

Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado
2010 All-4-Fun – Silverton, Colorado

The Mile-Hi Jeep Club and the 2010 All-4-Fun Committee are happy to announce our 44th annual All-4-Fun Week. This year’s event will be held July 31, 2010 thru August 7, 2010 in Silverton, Colorado All-4-Fun is a family oriented 4-wheel-drive adventure.

Nightly activities (included with your registration fee) include, but are not limited to, multiple meals, an ice cream social, karaoke and games. We have support from many manufacturers and vendors from across the country including, WARN, Bestop, Daystar, Clemson 4 Wheel Center, Goodyear, 4 Wheel Parts, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, Big O Tires, and High Country Performance just to name a few. These and other sponsoring companies contribute to the nightly entertainment as well as provide tremendous prizes. If you desire to participate as a vendor or prize contributor, please contact the All-4-Fun Promotions Committee at The tremendous support we continue to receive from manufacturers and vendors has allowed All-4-Fun to make donations in the past to Children’s Hospital and many Colorado land use projects in excess of $150,000.

Camping space will be available for your camp vehicle or tent within our unprepared campground. We will provide portable latrines and access to potable water; you must be self-sufficient. There are no electric, water or sewer hook-ups.

In planning your trip, please remember that summer in Colorado can bring any and all types of weather. Be prepared for pleasantly warm days and chilly nights as well as possible wind and rain. For information on services available in the Silverton area, visit

The 2010 All-4-Fun registration fees are as follows. For one registered vehicle and driver, $300.00 (any number of licensed drivers may drive the vehicle but only one person can be designated as the “registered” driver). Passengers eighteen years of age and up are an additional $50.00. Passengers five through seventeen years of age are $25.00. Passengers under 5 years of age are free. A check or money order for the full registration fee must accompany your registration. Registration fees are refundable if a written request is received by June 30, 2010.
For accounting purposes, refunds will not be disbursed until after the 2010 All-4-Fun event.
No exceptions will be made for refund requests after June 30, 2010.

All attendees must be pre-registered. NO on-site registration will be accepted. Due to the limited amount of space for camping, registration for the 2010 All-4-Fun event IS LIMITED to 225 Vehicles.

Please make your checks payable to:

MHJC/All-4-Fun and return to:
MHJC / All-4-Fun
c/o Beverly Ryken
2000 Meade St.
Denver, CO 80211

In mid to late spring, we will mail or email to registered participants additional information including road directions and a pre-sale order form for T-shirts and sweatshirts. Upon arrival at All-4-Fun, participants are required to sign a hold-harmless agreement. All vehicles must be licensed and insured to drive on federal, state, and county roads in Colorado.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. When my brother called to tell me that he had recently become a member of the mile high club I had a very different picture in my mind. The silence must have told him the twist my mind had taken. When he started laughing at me I knew he had misled me on purpose. He’s a deacon so you can imagine the shock I felt. He got me good that time. I’ll be seeing him in July and will attend the festivities. I’ll have to think of something to get back at him for misleading me.


  2. That’s a pretty cool logo. I’d like to see it in color. I’ll be passing through your area this summer and I might be able to arrange to be there for your event. It sounds like a great time.


  3. It’s a stroke of luck that I’ll be in Colorado and able to take part in their event. I’ll miss the first day but that’s usually taken up by checking in and getting settled. I’m pretty excited about it too.


  4. Good Afternoon!
    Jeep and ESPN have gotten together for tailgate experiences for each game day. Next Saturday on October 22nd, they will be heading to your school for the Oregon game! We were wondering if you or anyone you knew would be able to send our jpg flyer to all email contacts/social media networks to let them know about the big tailgate. Also, if you know any other way to get the word out about the tailgate I would be very appreciative. The event free to everyone, has interactive games for whole family, an off road course that fans can ride a real jeep on, and many free prizes including the chance to win a jeep. Any way that you could help to get the word out would be really great. Please let me know if this would be possible, and I will email you the flyer. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


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