Poorboy Offroad Club

Kevin K tipped us off to the Poorboy Offroad Club on our Facebook FanPage as another off roading club of interest. We love when our reader’s tip us off to different off roading clubs because then we know they are active and have tons to offer our readers. So thank you Kevin for bringing the Poorboy Offroad Club to our attention so we could share it with everyone. I wanted to get a Poorboy Offroad Club logo picture for this blog, but was unable to do so but got this picture above from their site. If you visit their site and check out their pictures of events you will see some pretty awesome shots, tons of dedication, and tons of fun being had.

In my search for information about the Poorboy Off Road Club I found a little on their introduction home page of their website and then dwelled deeper into their forums. (Nice forum btw) and this is what I came up with for everyone. If anyone reading belongs to this club and would like to leave more information regarding it in comments, that would be great!

The Poorboy Offroad Club originates in Oregon. It is open to all makes and models of off roading vehicles. Their website is located at http://www.poorboyoffroad.com. From their website:

“Poorboy Offroad is a group of wheelers that welcome all makes and models. There is no fee to join the forums. If you like to wheel or just talk about it then sign up and enjoy. Responsible wheelers only. We have runs often and large gatherings thru out the year. Poorboy off-road also has adopted the trail “7-up” at Browns Camp in the Tillamook State Forest.”

Digging into the forums’ I found a great post by the Site administrator with some history on the club. Check out their club if you are in their area or just want a active forum to swap off roading stories on. The forum post follows:

“I have been 4by’n since about 95′. I know that’s not a long time but I’m not that old. I’ve been a member of 4by clubs in California and then later up here. Not members of internet clubs but actual clubs that we met in a garage for our discussions and wheeled weekly and sometimes daily.”

“After moving back here I got out of the 4×4 stuff for a while and got heavy into sandrails. Being new on a job and a sport, I used 3rd time around reject parts to build my rail and maintain it. This was early 99. It was always a joke between me and my brother who also ran 2nd time around parts that with scrapped together rigs we were out doing more than half the guys with $15,000 rails. We ran our stuff till it broke then patched it up and kept going. We drug our broken sandrails to the beach then fixed them and ran some more, this is when we started referring to ourselves as Poorboy Offroad. We couldn’t afford all the good parts so we said the hell with them we can still turn heads with our wild driving and unique modified rails. Not that we really cared what others thought (If you saw our stuff and camp you would understand) so between 2 brothers our dad and some other friends we started Poorboy Offroad.”

“About 2 years of recovering our broken crap from the dunes with our 4×4’s we shifted our efforts from the rails back to our trucks. We only ran with a small select group of people. In fact, it took Trystan many runs and 2 broken rigs before we started referring to him as a Poorboy. After many trips in the woods and a feeble little free website, we posted a few pics but never really opened up the club. The website laid idle and no effort was going into it.”

“So we, Poorboy Offroad, showed up as a group and wheeled with another club. We met a lot of good people and ran the fricken piss out of our rigs for nothing more than a good show. (Please see video if you dont believe me.) We joined this other club but always remained true to ours first. After circumstances not to our liking or beliefs, we began to withdraw our efforts toward other clubs and concentrated on our own, we put a little money into the website and opened enrollment to anyone who wheels or wants to learn. Still true to it’s name Poorboy we remained dues free and wheel as much as possible. We are about 8 months into our website and new members and we are growing in the right direction with many awesome people.”

“There are members here who belong to many clubs, I myself check out other sites such as pavement sucks and ck5. There is a lot of knowledge and experience to be found on these other sites. It really doesn’t matter how many forums you belong to because none of this means crap when you’re out on a trail and having a blast with your friends. Only after good trips or projects can you have anything good to talk about. Just thought I would throw that out there so new members would have an idea how we got started.”

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s pretty close to my neck of the woods. I’ll have to check out the club and definitely the 7-up trail at Browns Camp in the Tillamook State Forest. I just got my Jeep and I’m looking to join a club where I can rely on more experienced Jeepers to get me going.


  2. This sounds like a club I could get ito. I’m sure the poor is not literal, but in my case it would be pretty close. I live near the Washing/Oregon border. I wonder where exactly in the state the club is located. Guess I’ll have to do some investigating on my own.


  3. I’m impressed that there’s no fee to join the forums. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of that. I’ve heard of Browns Camp in the Tillamook State Forest. I believe it’s in Oregon. It’s beautiful country around that area and I’d love the chance to try the trails too.


  4. That’s what I am, a poor boy from the country. I like to eat poor boy sandwiches too. I’m going to have to find out where this club is located. It could be a poor boy sweep for me!


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