2010 Jeep Jamboree 22nd Palo Duro

Picture Credited to the Jeep Jamboree Website

The 22nd Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree is approaching. For those of you who haven’t caught this yet on the Jeep Jamboree site, here are the basics. The 2010 Jeep Jamboree 22nd Palo Duro is being held May 13th thru May 15th at Amarillo, Texas.

From the Jeep Jamboree site:
From the red-hued dirt to the towering canyon walls, this Jamboree embodies all the best elements that the Southwest United States has to offer. Start by enjoying an authentic cowboy breakfast on the edge of the second-largest canyon in North America. Then drive single-file down 1,000 feet to the floor of this Grand Canyon-like gorge to discover several great off-road trails. Palo Duro Canyon has many steep uphill obstacles with loose dirt, sandstone, rocks and boulders. The long, steep hill climbs provide twisty challenges and great spectator spots for all. Due to its trademark scenery, Palo Duro is also a popular location for adventure movies.
Tow hooks mandatory.

For complete information regarding this event, visit the Jeep Jamboree Website.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. We just got our confirmation to attend this event. It’s going to be an awesome 3 days. 2 of my brothers and their wives are coming from other states to join us for the weekend so it will be a mini family reunion too. We all grew up on a ranch and got the Jeep fever young.


  2. Looking at the picture makes me wish it were May 13th already. It looks like a totally awesome place to be off road. I know I’m wishing my life away but I can’t seem to help myself.


  3. That just looks like some great fun to me. If they’ve been doing this event for 21 years they must be doing something right. I’ve just had my Jeep for about 2 months and I’m anxious to get my feet wet off road.


  4. 1,000 feet down is an exciting thought. The terrain in the picture looks inviting. Palo Duro Canyon sounds like it has a little something for everyone. I’m really looking forward to trying it all.


  5. I was born in Amarillo, Texas and lived there until I was 14. We moved to Oregon when my Dad was transferred there. It’s a great place to live but I miss Amarillo too. I left behind several good friends. When I heard about the Jeep Jamboree I knew it was time to break in the Jeep that I had just bought. I’ve made arrangements to stay with one of my friends the week before and after the Jamboree weekend. That will give me a chance to catch up on all that I’ve missed in the last 7 years. I may just decide to move back if I can find work. If not, it’ll be a good vacation and I’ll head back to Oregon.


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