Dog’s go off-roading

A common thing amongst Jeepers’ is bringing their dog along on trail runs. Many trail runs offer camping accommodations. Jeepers bring their entire family including their dogs. For the most part Jeepers’ are very responsible when bringing their four legged family members along on a run. But for those who are new to hitting the trails with their pets, there are some important things they need to keep in mind at all times, for the dogs safety, and the safety of others around them.

Common sense goes a long way when traveling with your dog to public outings of any kind. When camping out with your dog, a few other things should be taken into consideration.

When packing for the off roading event, make sure to pack separately for your dog. Do not do it while you are packing for your Jeep, or other family members. Make it a solo job to insure you do not forget anything.

Things of note are:

  • Make sure to pack plenty of food. Plan to pack for an extra couple days of food, just incase something was to come up and the trip was extended.
  • Pack plenty of fresh water. You can use large recycle 5 gallon jugs. The more the better, especially if you are unsure of the fresh water supply where you are going. Remember, it is better to have more then not enough, especially in the warmer months.
  • Apply a flea and tick preventative to your baby and bring extra pet friendly insect repellant along.
  • Make sure the rabies and distemper shots are up to date. Bring along your dog’s medical/shot records incase of any accidents.
  • Use a crate to transport your pet. That’s safer, especially when driving on bumpy roads or trails.
  • Even if your dog has a micro chip identification, record your phone number and the dog’s name on its collar in case your dog becomes lost.
  • Bring along an ample supply of plastic bags to clean up after your dog’s messes.
  • Bring a tie out stake and stake, chain and leash to use on campsite.

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure you are considerate to the other campers and Jeepers’ at the site. Do not just let your dog run freely. There are people who have fear of dogs regardless of how friendly you say your dog is, as well as people who are allergic to dogs. Small children can be intimidated by dogs as well. Other Jeepers’ and campers may have brought along their pet as well. In the perfect world all the dogs and people would intermix in pure harmony, but unfortunately that is not the reality all the time. Abide by the parks pets regulations. Most will require you to keep your dog on a leash, which is not a bad idea and not only protects your dog, but others around. Always clean up after your dog’s messes. Never allow your dog to run wild while off-roading on the trails.

Taking your dog off-roading with you can create some wonderful memories if the right preparation was made prior to the trip. The extra steps will make a very enjoyable trip for you and your best four legged friend.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I have a dog, but when I go off road, he stays at home. There are just too many and’s, if’s and but’s to ensure his safety. When I’m driving I would have to leave him at the camp site and he would have to be tied up. I don’t think it’s much fun for him. If I’m going camping and not Jeeping, I do take him. He enjoys the water as much as I do. I don’t like leaving him behind, but I want him safe and happy.


  2. My dog goes everywhere with me, even off road. He loves to ride in the Jeep and is well trained. I certainly wouldn’t let him run around in an area where Jeeps are driving off road. That would be unsafe for him and them too. I’ve seen some dogs at events that really should have been left at home.


  3. My lab puppy is way to young to take with me just yet. I look forward to the day he can go, but there is lot’s of training that has to happen first. I have to know that he will obey me immediately or I would just be putting him in danger.


  4. I know some dogs that are better suited to Jeeping than the drivers of some of the Jeeps. As long as they are trained to respond to their owners voice commands I think it’s safe enough to bright them along.


  5. I love my dog and I take him with me lots of places but not when I’m going off road. I need to keep my mind on my driving and any sudden movement in the Jeep could cause an accident that could injure one or both of us. It’s just not worth it.


  6. The last dog I had was easilly trained and I knew he would heed my commands without me having to repeat them. I lost him last year to a hit and run driver who lost control, jumped the curb and hit him while he was chained to the front porch. When I got another dog I got the same breed because I had such good luck with him. I’ve had this dog to obedience school 3 times and he still needs 2 or 3 prompts to commands. I would never take him Jeeping with me. He could get hurt or worse, cause someone else to get hurt. You have to be smarter than the dog!


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