Does your Jeep have a pet name?

Jeep Transformers

I think I had the most fun reading the responses to the question of pet name for one’s Jeep on the XtremeTerrain Facebook Fan Page
and yes, it had to share the responses with everyone. Some of these are very clever, some funny, and some.. well just read for yourself.
Here are the fan’s names for their Jeep babies…

Sarah G. “I call him “red” or “tnt”  (Sweet!)

Teresa C. “Clementine!”  (As in Ol’ Clementine?)

Tim F. “’The War Wagon’ (97 XJ SE)”  (Good name, off roading can be a lot like going to war on some trails!  lol!)

Tynan A. “Roberta” (Named after anyone?)

Ted J. “It used to be Baby, now she’s just a jeep b!+€4” (LOL! I think I know what that is suppose to say.. lol!)

Cliff H. “Nichole”  (Care to elaborate?  Named after anyone in particular?)

Camilla S. “My friend calls hers “Gangsta”.  (Must be “bad”!  LOL!)

Alan M. “Baby..gets me in trouble but who” (LOL!!!)

Steve T. “My Jeeps name is Dallas and my wife’s is DD” (That is a great way to keep a happy household!)

Minkus G. “Mine is Fiona =)”  (🙂 )

Austin E. “Hopper lol” (I like this one.. don’t ask me why.. not sure, just do!)

Jonathan M. “mine’s Hobbs.” (This is another one I took a liking to)

Diane Z. “My Jeep is named Clifford” (Anything to do with Clifford the big red dog? Lol!)

Jozette M. “My Jeep is named Hilda O|||||O(Love it!)

Lee B. “My Jeep’s name is Wiley. Because I like Wiley Coyote, but also that’s what my wife said when I brought the jeep home…”why, Lee? :-)” (This is one of the more creative ones.. I can actually see this scenario playing out! LOL!)

Daniel M. “My Jeep is named the Smurf.” (Is your Jeep blue per chance? LOL!)

Traci C. “Boo Boo is the 75, Slick is the 51 Willys wagon, Yeller is the 51 CJ3A, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride is the 49 2A, Big Red is the 90 Cherokee, Lil Red is the 99 Cherokee & Little Big White Truck is the 90 Comanche (Now this is what I am talking about! Everyone needs more than one Jeep. Hey, if you can have what? 7 TOYS.. why not right??? LOL!)

Teresa M. “My jeeps name is Ella… it means highway thief or highway mistress” (Another one I found very creative!)

Lisa M. “My Jeep is Oreo….because its black and white just like the cookie!” (And instead of dunking it in milk, you dunk it in mud! Love it!)

Javier V. “MY 97 TJ NAME IS “EL GUAPO” LIKE THE BAD GUY IN THE MOVIE “THREE AMIGOS” (That was a great flick! Good name!)

Robert P. “My jeeps name is Hound, after the jeep transformer I got when I was a kid in the 80’s” (Wow, making my brain work!)

Leslie G. “My Jeeps are named Frankenstein, Bitch, and Bastard.” (LOL! Frankenstein!!!! I love it!)

James E. Jr “Mine is called Spidermonkey. long story…” (Wouldn’t have anything to do with your Jeep Flying or climbing up the side of tall buildings would it? LOL!)

Dawn N. “Angus” (I want to know the story behind this one !!! LOL!)

Have you given your Jeep a Pet name? Do you have a story that goes with it? Share it, we would love to hear it!

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I must be behind the times. It never occurred to me to name my Jeep. Not that I don’t talk to it occasionally, I just don’t address by a name. I’ll have to give this some thought to come up with the perfect one.


  2. I started calling it Hot Rod from the first time I sat behind the wheel. Over the years it got shortened to Rod and that’s still what it is today. I was pretty much a hot rod at first but things change and while I still enjoy being off road I’m not the hot dog driver I used to be.


  3. No, and I don’t talk to it either. I have a great time when I’m traveling the off road trails whether I’m alone or with others Jeepers. I just don’t personalize inanimate objects.


  4. “TA-TONKA”. It is my life-sized Tonka that I never had as a kid, and it is all black, like a buffalo, and capable of tackling ANYTHING North America has to offer!


  5. My first JEEP was called Buster…as he liked to climb rocks and bust em up, But my new one is ROCKIE, and for some reason this one is a girl, so she gets the feminine spelling of . She likes to go out and find rocks to climb! Lol


  6. i ordered a black 2 door sahara, arriving in the next 5 days (CANT WAIT) and i decided to call it rocky balboa since i love the movies and rocky as in jeeps can drive on rocks and stuff haha


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