Best FANS Facebook has to Offer!!

Got to have the Bacon and Dutch Skillet!
Got to have the BACON and the DUTCH SKILLET!

I am not trying to be bias here, but I have to say I believe we have the best FANS Facebook has to offer and the best blog friends out there! Everyday you all make me smile and even bust out laughing when I read some of your comments. It is a great way to start a day and a great way to end one. For that alone, I thank you. You are the best. But you make it hard for me not to want to archive the comments you leave so once again I am paying tribute to you all with some of your great responses received from you on our status updates.

The question was “What is your must bring non-essential when you go off roading. I told you mine – steak for the grill. In my defense, my family is an essential, so I hope I am off the hook for that one.

Readers responses were as followed, and of course my two cents worth every once in a while…

Dennis M.   Wife
Brian S. Wife, Kids and Great Friends. Oh Yeah, and the Jeep.
(I have to put my two cents in here in defense of Dennis and Brian.. To their wives.. They mis-read the comment and thought it said ESSENTIAL.. Honest!! They told me so!!!)
Joseph K. Cigars (any particular brand?)
Cameron W. The puppy (nice!)
Dennis S. Mountain Dew (Umm Dennis.. Mountain Dew is a ESSENTIAL!!! LOL!)
Chad D. OFF ROAD LOL WAX (I will be setting up next to you so when the day is done maybe you can hook my Jeep up too! LOL!)
Jesse S. AK-47, oh non essential, well then Wild Cherry Pepsi and hot and spicy peanuts. (LOL! AK-47 is an essential? Let me know where you are going off roading next… ummm.. you know.. just so I make sure if we dump into each other everything is cool! LOL!)

Here is another comment thread off a status update that asked “What is a perfect meal after a day of Jeep Off Roading….” Again some great responses!!!

Cheles B.: HOT WINGS
Justin S.: Pizza and Beer
Frank R.: Beef Stew (Oh yeah!!!!)
Allen G.: anything on the grill (Save room for my steak!)
Barb K.: anything that goes with BEER! (lol!)
Jb W.: Depends on who is doing the cooking!! (I hear you there!)
Robert O.: and what she looks like…!! 🙂 (Now now, be nice.. I have seen some pretty ugly Top Chefs on TV and tey can cook! LOL!)
DawnMarie L.: dutch oven! (THANK YOU! You reminded me of a blog I need to get writing one of these days.. !!!)
Dave P.: a Bobbie from Capriottis..(Hmmm.. I don’t believe I know what that is.. )
Joshua R.: some good ‘ol bacon (Bacon goes great on EVERYTHING!! Except maybe my arteries.. but heck.. might as well enjoy it while we are here, right? lol!)

Thank you everyone for making my social media experience such a fun one!
Feel free to add more!!!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. All of those comments just go to show you that Jeepers have a great sense of humor. They’re a great bunch of people and lots of fun to be around.


  2. I use an open fire pit for all my heat needs. It covers cool nights, roasting and the grid I never leave home without allows me to cook over an open flame. I can use a pan or grill directly on the grid. After the off road driving, cooking this ways is high on my list of relaxing ways to spend the weekend.


  3. I grew up camping and spent several years with the scouts, so I know how to camp and cook over an open fire. I started collecting my own gear when I was in high school. There were 5 of us who went fishing and camping almost every weekend. I like to show off my skills when we attend Jeeping events by inviting several people to meals. They each provide something for the meal and I put it all together. I’m waiting for the food channel to get a show like this and I’ll sign up immediately.


  4. I’m new to facebook but I like what I’ve seen. It will take me a while to figure out all of the ins and outs but I know it will be a fun experience.


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