Floyd the Dog

Many Jeep off roaders take their dog with them and I think that is terrific. It shows us off roaders have a soft side to us too! We go through the extra measures necessary to make sure our dog has just as great time as we have. We care. Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t share the same compassion for their dog as we do. In strolling around on the net (checking out Facebook pages in all actuality) I came across a Facebook Page that had a status update on it about Floyd the Dog and read what it was all about. This site is free for starters but their goal or purpose is to save the lives of innocent animals and ease the suffering of other unfortunate animals. Here is more about this terrific club. Maybe you may want to consider joining it to help the cause, if not for your own reading enjoyment, maybe a child in your home.

FloydTheDog.com is a FREE Animal Story Club on the Internet. It costs nothing, but just by joining Floyd’s Story Club at www.FloydTheDog.com you will be helping to save lives and ease the suffering of unfortunate animals. The Club is run for the benefit of Animal Charities. Authors of the stories choose which Charity will get a donation. The size of the donation depends on the number of Club Members.

New members are sent an animal short story when they join and a new story every month afterwards. There are no sad stories. The author of the story, usually the Competition Winner, gets to choose the Charity of the Month. Floyd sends a donation to that Charity. The size of the donation is directly linked to the number of Members in the Club. More Members mean a bigger Donation.

The Club is totally free. The site is safe, carries no advertising, and makes no appeals. Please visit www.FloydTheDog.com and join in.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I checked out the site and it’s a great thing they are doing for the dogs. My first thought was, “They’re going to the dogs for sure!” I’m all for supporting this type of activity and I applaude you for presenting it to a larger community.


  2. I went and checked out the site and was really impressed with all I read. My boys liked it too. They are just getting to the point where they read for pleasure and I know they’ll be participating. I’m glad you found it and shared it with us.


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