Chef Mark M. DeNittis “My Jeep Grille Adventures” Cookbook

Jeep Grill Adventures Camp Cookbook

A while back I had written a blog including a couple recipes I had found of Chef DeNittis. Sine then I had befriended the chef on Facebook and had intended on perusing his Jeep culinary skills further. Well that time is now. Chef DeNittis has a terrific cookbook for any lover of off-roading campfire cooking. His cookbook titled “My Jeep Grille Adventures – Camp Kitchen and Cookbook” offers easy, fun, and definitely delicious five star dishes you can enjoy by the campfire!

Here is more about Chef DeNittis cookbook and life and how to order his cookbook for your next Jeep Off Roading experience.

“An adventure book of Jeep excursions inclusive of Chef Mark’s recipes out on the trail and in the back-country. This collection of five star recipes will have you being the back-country chef extraordinaire in no time. Impress your friends with your savvy use of five star food and fancy culinary lingo by the campfire.

JGA is packed with great outdoor photos, food presentation photos, easy to use check off lists, menu builders, recipes, and food safety tips. Don’t leave the pavement without it!

Even if you don’t own a Jeep the Jeep Grille Adventures Camp Kitchen & Cookbook is for any outdoor, expedition, adventure or camping enthusiast.

All the recipes have been “Trail Tested” and cooked with equipment packed in the back of a Jeep and/or Jeep Trailer depending on the amount of people and length of trip.

Just think how easy preparation would be inside an RV or other solid camping unit.

This fun to read, easy to use book is more than just a cookbook, it’s a book filled with stories of past excursions and just plain fun.

Follow the wide array of two track trails that Chef Mark has traveled and traversed along with the food enjoyed on those trips. How else would you expect a chef to eat in the outdoors?

Chef Mark DeNittis experience includes being the Culinary Director for Adventure Magazine with oversite of, Culinary educator, former food editor of and Culinary Entrepreneur with many professional accolades.

About the author:

Cumulative years of experience have developed a well-rounded perspective within the food and beverage industry. Having numerous years of experience in both industry as well adult education as an instructor at one of the premier Culinary Institutions in the country, Johnson & Wales University has “allowed me to expect nothing less than the highest standards!”

Prior experience as a leading chef-manager and culinary executive within premier hotels and clubs across the country including Europe, Chef Mark presents years of solid know-how.

“My passion of the culinary craft has taken a wonderful turn now offering my reflection of that passion within the Il Mondo Vecchio brand of artisanally crafted salumi products”.

Additionally since 2005, Mark has been the Educational Chef Consultant and Spokesperson for the American Lamb Board. Mark has had numerous works published; recipes and in-print educational works for the foodservice sector, Plate/Meating Place News Magazines, and the American Culinary Federation’s Culinary Review.

Lastly having authored script and been on-camera spokesperson for the creation and production of two educational DVD’s with support accessory materials.

Noted accomplishments include being the author of “Jeep Grille Adventures: Camp Kitchen & Cookbook”, Food Editor/Culinary Director for Adventure Magazine and official digital publication of Jeep Jamboree USA, as well previous materials published with, an online magazine. Having also been featured as one of the Ranch Chefs in “The Great Ranch Cookbook” 1996, by Gwen Ashley Walters I have a deep understanding of food writing/editing as well.

Order “My Jeep Grille Adventures – Camp Kitchen and Cookbook

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s really cool. I get tired of eating junk food when I take to the high grounds with my Jeep. I’m going to B&N and see if they carry this book. I cook at home all the time, and would like some fresh ideas about cooking on the road, I mean off the road!


  2. My brother, John, is a great cook and I’ve heard him talk about DeNittis. He has a birthday coming up and I bought a copy of the book for him. John’s an avid camper too. He loves spending time off road with his Jeep. There are plenty of opportunities as we both live in Arizona.


  3. My beau and I spend just about every weekend Jeeping and camping. I do all the cooking and I’d really like to have this cook book. I think I’m going to tell Joe that it’s what I want for my birthday. He’ll probably buy it just to get better meals during our outings.


  4. Sounds like a must have for the weekend camper. I’m going to see if the library has it. I like to look through books, especially cook books, before I buy one.


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