2nd Annual Show Me Fun Run ~ Seymour MO.


Looking for something to do this Memorial weekend? If you are the next few blogs will give you some suggestions if you are in the event areas.

The 2nd Annual Show Me Fun Run is being held this memorial weekend in Seymour Missouri. Here are some details on the event:

2nd Annual Show Me Fun Run
SMORR – Seymour, MO – smorr.net
May 28th, 29th, 30th 2010

Time:12:00PM Friday, May 28th

There will be a driver’s meeting / meet & greet @ 9am on Saturday, and a free raffle Saturday night. There is no cost to register for our run BUT you are responsible for paying the park fees. Check their website for fee schedule. There will be event t-shirts available before and after the driver’s meeting and raffle.

For more information about this event visit SMORR (Southern Missouri Offroad Ranch) at SMORR.NET or their Forum, or SHOWMEFUNRUN.COM

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Symour is only a hop, skip and jump from where I live. I can’t believe I’m just now finding out about this event. 930 acres of terrain is enough to get me really excited. I hope there is still time to get this on the books.


  2. I’ve heard of SMORR, but never had the chance to experience it myself. I’ve heard it’s a great park. I’d like to think I can make this but I have to wait until Friday night to make sure I have the weekend off. Here’s hoping.


  3. I’ve worked hard on getting my Jeep ready for shows such as this. It’s the first one of the year and it will give me a good idea of how well I’ve done. It looks good, it runs great and I’m ready to see how well I stack up against the competition.


  4. My Dad and I just got home from the Show Me Fun Run. It was the first time I’ve been able to go with him and we had a really great time. My friends were freaking out when I told them I was spending 3 days with my Dad at an offroad event. I can hardly wait to tell them all about it. I hope it’s the first of many events that we can go to together. Mom went shopping with a girlfriend but I bet we had way more fun.


  5. The Show Me Fun Run was a super event and the park was outstanding. We stayed through until around 5 this evening and then headed home. I wish we could have stayed the whole week but my wife had to get back to work. That was our first trip to the park but I know it won’t be the last.


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