18th Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree ~ Drummond Island, Michigan

18th Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree

18th Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree
Where: Drummond Island, Michigan
When: Jun 17-Jun 19

Details about the 18th Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree from the Jeep Jamboree official website:

“Densely wooded and rocky trails wind through this northern Michigan sportsman’s paradise of more than 40 inland lakes and 150 miles of shoreline. A short trip by ferry takes you to this gem of an island located just off of Michigan’s remote Eastern Upper Peninsula. Drummond’s trails consist of rugged terrain, mud and water, breathtaking vistas, and scenic bays. One of the many highlights of this Jamboree is Marble Head where your Jeep® brings participants to the edge of 90-foot bluffs looking down at Lake Huron. And it’s not unusual to see some spectacular wildlife (deer, bear, eagles) that call this island home.
Tow hooks mandatory.”

Visit the Jeep Jamboree Website to register for this event.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Woods, rocky trails and shoreline are music to my ears. It sounds like a good vacation spot to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever been to Michigan even though I live in Illinois. I do know that I’m going to visit there in the near future. We’re always looking for new areas to take the Jeep off road and this could be a goldmind for us.


  2. 18 years is a pretty impressive track record. I’m sure by now they have worked out all of the kinks. I’ve taken a weeks vacation to attend the event. It’s a full days drive from my home so I want to get to the area a day early to rest up and then I’ll take 2 days to drive back. The only one of the great lakes I’ve seen is Michigan when I took a trip to Chicago several years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing Huron. Maybe eventually I’ll see them all. Guess I’ll have to look for Jeep events in all of those areas!


  3. This sounds like great fun to me. I’ve been working on my girl friend trying to get her to agree to go with me. I think if she does, she’ll have a great time. I might have to tell her she can have a turn behind the wheel to get her to agree. She loves driving my Jeep.


  4. This sounds like such a cool place. I’ve never been to an island before and don’t much like deep water. I think I can handle a ferry ride though. I do like to fish too so the number of lakes really caught my eye.


  5. I have attended this Jamboree for the last 3 years. It is awesome trails, has a good mix of ricks and mud as well as some technical stuff. Everything has several lines from mild to more difficult, whatever you prefer.

    As for the deep water, it is pretty awesome, it is about 400-500 yards across a stream that is always about 2′ deep. And the ferry ride, it is less than a mile from the main land to the island.


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