Jeep Father’s Day

15 in Wide-Mouth Recovery Kit Bag by OK Offroad ~ Your Price $24.95!!

Hey everyone, in case you may have forgot or didn’t realize it.. Father’s Day is right around the corner. Like just days away! June 20th is the day everyone gets to celebrate Father’s Day and if you have a Jeep fanatic dad, XtremeTerrain has tons of great ideas for you. Although ordering something you may have to give them a print out in a card of what you are getting them to open on Father’s day at this point, but within just a couple day’s after, if you order today, you will have it in hand to give to them personally..

One idea, if you want to be able to give them something right now, consider a gift certificate from XtremeTerrain. If you order a gift certificate from XtremeTerrain you will receive a gift certificate code in an email once payment is confirmed. Your dad can use it immediately on exactly what he wants. Each gift certificate is assigned a unique code, which can be entered at checkout to apply the gift certificate amount to their order. When the Gift Certificate code is entered at checkout, we will deduct the maximum amount available towards the order total. You can purchase gift certificates in $25., $50., $75., $100., $150., $200., and $500. dollar denominations.

Looking for just a cute gift, maybe for a child to get their dad? How about Jeep glasses like shown below.

Crown Automotive Officially Licensed Jeep Willys Shot Glasses

Crown Automotive Officially Licensed Jeep Willys Shot Glasses – Set of 4

Jeep Pilsner Beer Glasses

Jeep Pilsner Beer Glasses

Jeep Beer Steins

Jeep Beer Steins

Or how about a Jeep ball cap or beanie??  Just browse the XtremeTerrain website and I am sure you will find something that will not break the pocketbook yet still make Dad smile!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. All of the glasses are great ideas but my Dad is beer drinker so my pick would be the beer steins. If he loves anything more than his family and his beer, it’s riding the trails in his Jeep. Thanks for a super gift suggestion.


  2. My Dad likes boiler makers so I’m getting him the beer steins and the shot glasses. He’ll be pretty surprised because I usually get him tshirts or socks. If I’m lucky he’ll invite me to the initiation party!


  3. We’re a total Jeep family. Mom, Dad and I each have our own Jeep. These gifts totally rock and will be a sure winner with my Dad. I was able to start driving the Jeep around the farm when I was only 12. We have quite a bit of land and we’re addicted to off road trails. Thanks for all of the tips and deals we find here.


  4. Mom and I got my dad a set of the Jeep Pilsner Beer Glasses and he really liked them. Some of his friends stopped by today and he used them for the first time. He got some compliments about them and I know he liked that too.


  5. We weren’t really sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day but we knew we couldn’t go wrong with a gift certificate from here. His Jeep is his pride and joy and he’s forever updating something. Besides, you can only own so many ties!


  6. We purchased the Recovery Kit Bag for Dad and took your suggestion about wrapping up a picture. He always tries to guess what we got him. He can ask questions, but only ones we can answer with a yes or no. Generally, he guesses before he opens it. I think the size of the package and its weight threw him way off base. He was pleasantly surprised when he opened it. At first he looked at me and said, “You got me a picture for Father’s Day?” Did I tell you he thinks he’s a funny guy?


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