Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas

Justin, an avid reader of our XtremeTerrain blog brought to our attention the Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas. He informed us on the Jeep Nation Blog that although Jeep Nation is a good club, unfortunately there was no longer a Jeep Nation Waco chapter. He stated that those who were in the Jeep Nation Waco chapter broke off and started their own club – thus the Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas. Hopefully, by us giving the Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas a shout out they can also gain some more recognition and members.

Here is more about the Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas from their website!

Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas is a family oriented, Texas based club, made up entirely of Jeep owners. OJCT was established in December of 2009. Our mission is to provide a fun and safe Jeep experience for all those involved, to provide a social network to our members and potential members of the club, and to be involved with the betterment of our community. OJCT caters to all Jeep vehicles ranging from stock to highly modified. Anyone in Texas is welcome and encouraged to join us in this endeavor. Please contact us through our website for further information. Membership is open to any Jeep enthusiast. In order to become a member it is necessary to fill out and submit a membership application along with the all club dues.”

Want to learn more about the Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas or become a member? Feel free to visit their website at Outlaw Jeep Club of Texas (http://www.outlawjeep.org).

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I live in the vicinity of this club and have actually been thinking about joining one. I’ve never belonged to a club of this kind before but I can see a lot of benefits to doing so. Thanks for posting this info.


  2. My brother is a avid member of the Outlaw Jeep Club and they are growing as we speak. I live in Oklahoma but I get down there for long visits and have participated in some of their outings. I wish I could up and move but my job is not one I could do from there. It’s a great club if you’re looking.


  3. Good for them for not letting the club disband. It’s not an easy task to organize a club. I’ve done it myself although we had no existing members like there would have been here.


  4. I like the fact that they are a relatively new club. That means that they are still open to change and not set in their ways. Older clubs are resistant to change and I think that’s a disadvantage, especially to new members.


  5. I’m moving to Texas but I’m not sure if this club is close enough to where I’ll be. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know much about the state where I was born and spent my first 8 years. I’m 19 now and moving back home. I’ve never liked the area we moved to. It was a night to day kind of change. It will be good getting back to what I’ve always considered home. Of course, when I was 8 I didn’t have a Jeep yet, but I always knew I would.


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