Stagger 4×4 ~ Grafton WV

Stagger 4x4

Ben I., a fan on the ExtremeTerrain Facebook fanpage brought the Stagger4x4 Jeep Club to our attention so we could give them a shout out and hopefully we can help them a little more recognition and members.

Here is some information about the Stagger4x4 straight from their website!

“The first thing anyone visiting this site should know, is that we are a jeep club with a “no-poser” philosophy. Based in Grafton WV, our club members reside in several localities from Bruceton Mills to Philippi and everywhere in between. We even have several members from across the Mason-Dixon Line and associates who support our events from as far away as the Mid-Ohio Valley and Pittsburgh area.

This club enjoys a family like atmosphere which has helped us grow. Events and trail rides are scheduled continuously in spite of weather conditions.

Characteristics of our organization may differ from what one might expect of an off-road club. We are working diligently to change the public’s perception of what organized off-roaders are all about. One example, the majority on our members will soon participate in a Lifesaver/CPR Certification Program and plan to attend first responder search and rescue training. Our philosophy is simple, this will enable us to make a difference and become better Stuarts of our community.

While the majority of our events and meeting are open to the public, we do have several organized charitable events which require registration and wavier acknowledgments. We invite you to stop in, say hello, check out the forums, pictures, store, and join us on occasion. While our trail rides range from mild to wild, we also enjoy dinner and a movie outings etc… again, welcome to Stagger4x4.

If you would like to go jeepin with us or like to discuss Jeep topics and share pics of your adventure, login to our forum, all is welcome.”

Want to learn more about the Stagger4x4 or become a member? Feel free to visit their website at Stagger4x4 (

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m impressed. I live too far away to join this club but I’m surely going to introduce some changes in our club that would mirror some of the better ones found here. We started out as a family oriented club but that has changed over the years. I think we need to get that back and that’s just for starters.


  2. This sounds like a terrific club. At first I was wishing I lived close enough to join but then I realized that the club I do belong to could adopt some of their philosophies and become a better club than we are now. I don’t mean to imply that ours is a bad club because it’s not. But there are things we could be doing to make us a more rounded group.


  3. The fact that the majority on their members are willing to participate in a Lifesaver/CPR Certification Program and attend first responder search and rescue training is outstanding! I’m going to present the idea to our club members and the July meeting. The life they save, may be that of a loved one.


  4. I’m not entirely sure what no-poser means but I’m assuming it means they only want serious minded Jeepers. A friend of mine recently joined the club and seems to like it. He said he’s really impressed with the club as a whole and has already made several new friends. Jeep owners stick together and are like minded about a lot of things.


  5. I’ve been checking out this club and appreciate the write up. I’ve already checked out their site and actually sat in on a meeting. I’ve had my Jeep for about 6 months but never thought I would join a club. Now, it seems like the next logical step.


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