BUCKEYE JEEPERS ~ West Central Ohio


Hi everyone.. I hope you had a great weekend. I am still making my way through the Jeep Off Roading Clubs you all have shared with me. Today’s was submitted to me through Joslin Thomas Kies (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1322770843). If you click on his name it will take you to his FaceBook acct. He is one of the contact people for the club/website if someone is interested in joining. Joslin informed us that although their website may not be updated on a regular basis, their forum is, and someone is always around to answer any questions you may have, such as himself. Joslin also shared with us “We’ve help with a great event every May in partnership with the Miami County Relay for life.” And encourages all to check the Jeep Rally for Life.

A little about the Buckeye Jeepers from their website – from them to the rest of the internet world – they tell you that they are “just a group of guys with Jeeps”.
Buckeye Jeepers is a group of individuals who share a love of Jeeps, Off roading, and the Outdoors. Most of us live in West Central Ohio, near Sidney. We try to plan a few good off-road outings each year and welcome anyone to join in on the fun. Just give us a shout at info@buckeyejeepers.com.”

The Buckeye Jeepers are supporters of the Ohio Motorized Trails Association (OMTA).

Straight from the Buckeye Jeepers site:
Meeting Schedule
Generally held last Friday of each month, but host may choose to have meeting held on any day of last weekend.

New Members
Buckeye Jeepers looks at membership a little different from other clubs. While we encourage new members, we are not out to become a huge club and we require that we get to know a perspective member prior to allowing him/her to become a full member. You must gain our trust prior to becoming a member.
– $25 annual fee for Membership, includes spouse and children, fees due in January of each year, no pro-rating.
– Additional one time fee of $25 for rights to use Tubing bender for personal use only
– Individual must own or possess a jeep at time of membership and to renew membership
– Membership can be gained in one of three ways
a) Attend January meeting and attend at least one public event with at least 3 current members Following meeting a vote will be taken to approve membership
b) Attend two public events with at least 3 current members. Attend next new member meeting where a vote will be taken to approve membership.
c) Long term acquaintance of current member and membership approval by vote.
Our purpose for doing this is that most of our meetings are held at member homes. To protect our homes and property we want to get to know the individuals first.”

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m not sure where Sydney is, not in Ohio anyway. My brother lives in Gahanna right outside of Columbus. He and his wife just got their first Jeep. He’s been talking about it for years but just got around to doing it. I’m trying to talk them into joining a club and if Sydney is anywhere near Columbus I’ll let him know.


  2. Nothing like joining a club and getting all the added benefits of it. My cousin belongs to this club and when I visit him I tag along. I’m convinced, finally, that I need to get a Jeep. I really enjoy the times I’ve spent with him in his. As soon as I find one I’ll be looking around for a club in the area where I live.


  3. Joining sounds easy enough. I’m new to the area and anxious to locate a club and the best trails in the region. I moved here from Mississippi and not only don’t I know the area, I don’t know anyone. I started a new job this week too.


  4. I ran in the Jeep Rally for Life and met a bunch of really great people who showed up to give their support to a worthy cause. Several of them belonged to the Buckeye Jeepers. Way to go!


  5. I’ve heard of the Jeep Rally for Life but never participated. It’s hard to get vacation in May because we’re gearing up for the summer rush at work. I talked to my boss recently and told him I had a vacation request for next year. He told me that if it was important enough to ask for it this far in advance, he felt like he should let me have it. Dang, if I’d known that I would have done it sooner!


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