Northern Illinois Jeep Alliance

Northern Illinois Jeep Alliance

Here is another Jeep off roading club I came across all on my little own self. For those of you who live in Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin region this may be great option for you to meet other like minded Jeep enthusiast. If you belong to this off roading group, feel free to leave your thoughts or more information about your group.

Here is some information about the Northern Illinois Jeep Alliance straight from their website:
“The Northern Illinois Jeep Alliance is a recreational “Jeep exclusive club” formed to unite Jeep-brand enthusiasts and their vehicles in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Formed in March of 1997, the Alliance is one of the largest 4-wheel drive clubs in Illinois. Soon the organization hopes to claim to be not only the largest, but also the most elite, Jeep-exclusive, club in North America.”

“Our main goal is to promote safe, fun, and legal four wheeling in Illinois and surrounding areas. Monthly meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month, at 10 AM local time. Our normal meeting place is at the Westlake Village community center at 10:00 A.M. (Please note that some meetings are held on private property, and are open to members only.)”

“Annual dues for the Northern Illinois Jeep® Alliance are only $40.00 Your dues to the Northern Illinois Jeep® Alliance also include your membership fees to the United Four Wheel Drive Association and the Illinois Four Wheel Drive Association. The easiest way to join it to drop in at one of the monthly meetings. If you have any questions contact”

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I recently moved from Marion, southern Illinois, to Darien, suburb of Chicago. I’ve been looking for a club to join as I was sure there was one in the area. I check out your site regularly and found this. Great timing!


  2. I just joined this club 3 months ago and so far, so good. It’s a great bunch of people who know how to have fun but are responsible at the same time. I take my son with me when I travel off road. It’s something we both love and it’s quality time for the two of us. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


  3. If you come in my front door you’d be in Wisconsin. Walk out my back door and you’re in Illinois. This one is perfect for me. I’m new to the Jeeping arena and appreciate hearing about the location of clubs and also trails in the area.


  4. I live in Indiana and belong to a local club, but northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin are close enough that I enjoy their trails too.


  5. I had to smile when I read your comment, Clint. I started out riding with my Dad too. I was still little enough to sit on his lap and ‘drive all by myself’! There’s always been a Jeep in our family that we were all allowed to use, on road or off. If we damaged it, we were responsible for getting it repaired. We had to buy our own gas too. Now I have a son myself and one day he’ll be going with me too. His Mom won’t let him go yet. He’s only 2 months old, so I guess I can’t say too much!


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