MidRivers Jeep Thing ~ St. Charles MO

MidRiver Jeep Thing

Last week I asked the fans on the ExtremeTerrain Facebook fan page if they had any particular Jeep off roading club they belonged to that they would like to give a shout out to, and there was a great response. As I am wrapping up the list of clubs provided, the next to be given a great shout to is the MidRivers Jeep Thing. The MidRivers Jeep thing was brought to my attention by Eric, a.k.a. Bull Shark.
Eric helped me tremendously and compiled this great information for you all! Thanks again Eric!

Eric tells us that the MidRivers Jeep Thing is a local club centered around St. Charles Mo near St. Louis. Here is more information Eric shared with me for all of you Jeep Enthusiasts.

MidRivers Jeep Thing is about:
*Off-Road Fun
*Guided Wheelin’ Trips
*Yearly Club Picnic and Christmas Party
*Mud Fun
*Extreme Wheelin’
*Stock Trail Rides
*Monthly Wheelin’ Runs

Our club is open to anyone who owns any type of Jeep. This includes stock to heavily modified. We offer activities for families as well as the hard-core off-road Jeep enthusiast. Our club activities are determined by the membership. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, check www.midriversjeepthing.com for meeting location and upcoming events. We are a rapidly growing club and will only get better with your participation, ideas, and suggestions. We look forward to meeting you at the next meeting.

Annual memberships run January 1st through December 31st. Dues are $35, which goes toward the Club picnic and prizes at the Christmas Party.

Members of our club frequent the following off-road parks:
Washita – Farmington, MO
Flat Nasty – Jadwin, MO
Hannibal Rocks – Hannibal, MO
Potowatami – Fulton, MO
SMORR – Seymour, MO
As well as group excursions to parks further away for special events.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I live in down state Illinois so this is pretty close for me and I didn’t even know it was there. I’ve only had my Jeep a few months so I’m still learning the ropes, but I’m glad to know about this club. Thanks.


  2. I never thought it was necessary to join a club. I attended the functions I wanted to attend and went off road where ever I found a terrain I wanted to try. I read down the list of things this club does and it makes more sense now. They do a lot of things together every month. I’m going to look into joining. It is more fun when there are other Jeeps on the trail with you.


  3. I live in the St. Louis burbs and was looking for a club near hear. I knew there had to be at least one but I didn’t know how to locate them. The dealer I bought my Jeep from had no idea. I’m a pretty new Jeep owner and I notice that this club has guided wheelin trips. I don’t want to just take it off road and make a bunch of greenhorn mistakes that could cost me a bundle to repair.


  4. MidRivers sounds like I might find some mud trails there and that’s my passion. I’m going to check out the area this weekend. I have 3 days off and I’m itchin for some fun.


  5. That’s a great line up of activities. I live in St. Louis and St. Charles is an easy ride. I’ve never tried mud before. I’ve seen some of the Jeeps afterwards and I can’t help but think it’s a lot of fun.


  6. I live in Kansas, near the Missouri border. This sounds like a great weekend trip to me. Probably too far away to join the club, but you never know. I’m definitely checking into the club and the area they use.


  7. Is there an application for joining the Jeep Club in St. Charles, MO? Could you please send me one if there is. Marvin Blankenship, Box 1014, Maryland Hts, Mo,


  8. Just got my first jeep, not sure about joining a club yet, but I would like to link up with some fellow jeepers, and show me the ropes. I would like to find some easy off road trails in or close to St. Charles mo if there is any? Thanks m/!!!!


  9. I have a hardtop for sale from a 2004 rubicon plus have extra rear glass with defroster and side glass if anyone knows anyone looking email me thanks


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