Weekly Steal! ~ Dual Steering Stabilizer for 07-08 JK

Dual Steering Stabilizer for 07-08 JK

Dual Steering Stabilizer for 07-08 JK
Your Price: $129.95

XtremeTerrain has some great weekly steals to share with you all! Watch for the next several post showing you what you can get at a sweet discount!

The Dual Steering Stabilizer for the 2007-08 JK is a highly recommended option. It allows for better on-road and off-road handling, as well as improves tie rod and ball joint wear and tear. This particular kit features our High Performance 2.2 series stabilizer cylinders and includes all brackets and hardware. (NOTE: Only fits JK with 2″ – 6″ of lift.)

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Aww, crap! I just paid considerable more for the same thing last week. What’s that saying? A day late and a dollar short? That’s me. With that kind of luck I guess I don’t need to buy a lotto ticket either!


  2. I’ve been thinking about making this change and at that price I’ve decided to do it now. My cousin is a mechanic and he’s going to show me how to do it myself. I’ve been trying to do my own maintenance under his tutelage and I’m starting to feel like I could make a pretty decent mechanic myself.


  3. I’ve replaced tie rods more than once. The last time the guy at the garage told me I should think about installing a Dual Steering Stabilizer when he replaced the tie rod. Made sense to me. He’s the one who turned me on to your site. I’m all for saving money and I really enjoy reading the blogs.


  4. The guy I bought my Jeep from suggested I have the Dual Steering Stabilizer installed. I did and the handling has improved immensely. I’m glad I took his advice.


  5. OK, OK already. I’m convinced. I drove my buddy’s Jeep after he had the steering stabalizer installed. It made a big difference. He’s already told me, “I told you so” about a dozen times. I really hate it when that happens.


  6. I drove my brothers Jeep on one of the trails I usually drive in mine. I noticed that his ride was a lot smoother than mine. I asked him what he had done and he told me that he had the dealership install a Dual Steering Stabilizer. Made a believer out of me. I have an appt to have one installed on mine this Friday. I wanted to be ready for the weekend.


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