The Thrill of Jeep Off-Roading

There is an unexplainable thrill to Jeep off roading. To describe it in one word is truly impossible. There is an attitude to it, but there is no distinguishing mark that separates one person from the next if walking down a street on who is a Jeep Off road enthusiast and who is not. Jeep off roader’s come in all shapes, sizes, ages, professions, etc. The only distinguishing marker is they own a Jeep.

There is a certain attitude that comes with Jeep off roading, but it doesn’t mean a person carries it with them 24/7. The attitude is almost childlike – a carefree adventurous attitude, with a level of lack of fear, and a strong desire for excitement. Have you ever met a child that did not exude those great qualities?

Jeep off roader’s are a wonderful group of people full of life and full of great off roading stories. As one of this ever growing great population of people, if you HAD TO describe Jeep off roading in one word – could you? What would that word be? Share with us what Jeep off roading means to you. How it makes you feel and what you have gained by becoming part of this great activity/sport.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I have to totally agree. I started out riding the trails with a friend of mine who grew up driving a Jeep on their farm. A couple of years ago I traded in my pick up for a Jeep and I haven’t looked back since. Some of the best times we have is still found off road. There aren’t many terrains we haven’t tried and we love them all.


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