23rd Ouray Jeep Jamboree

23rd Ouray Jeep Jamboree

“Ouray has been a special destination of world travelers for more than 100 years. This small intimate community is nestled in some of the most rugged and towering peaks of the Rockies. Set at the narrow head of a valley at 7,792 feet and surrounded on three sides with 13,000 foot snowcapped peaks – Ouray has been eloquently nicknamed the “Switzerland of America.” (More to do and see can be found on the Ouray Colorado website.)

Can you think of a better place to have a Jeep Jamboree? Not only that, but there is tons to do in Ouray when you are not on the trails of the 23rd Jeep Jamboree! Straight from the official Jeep Jamboree website – information on the upcoming and exciting 23rd Ouray Jeep Jamboree! And while you are there you can pick up your Raffle tickets to win a Free Jeep! (See previous blog!)

23rd Ouray Jeep Jamboree
Where: Ouray, Colorado
When: Sep 16-Sep 18

“Join us in Ouray (“you-RAY”) Colorado for challenging trails blazed by 19th century prospectors and for spectacular scenery. Ouray is located 7,800 feet above sea level in southwestern Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. Pass old mines and golden aspen trees, and pick your way around and over large boulders on your way to the best preserved ghost town in Colorado. The highlight is the spectacular mountain views from all of the passes you’ll cross, the lowest of which is at 12,400 feet. The highest is Imogene Pass, which at 13,114 feet elevation is one of the highest passes you can drive over in the United States.
Tow hooks mandatory.”

Registration Fees
Adult: $250
Child (6-12): $125
Child (5 and under): $0

Trails Only SOLD OUT

Family Plan: $600 includes 2 adults and up to 3 children

For questions about this trip please contact Erin Lara at 530.333.4777 X11 or erin@jeepjam.com.
For questions about registration please contact Joelle Miller at 530.333.4777 X18 or register@jeepjam.com.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I can understand why tow hooks would be mandatory. It sounds like a real blast. I’m assuming there would be snow at elevations that high by September. I’ve never seen a ghost town before so that would be one of the highlights for me and my kids for sure.


  2. We’ve heard about the trails in the San Juan Mountains and I’m very interested in seeing them and giving them a try myself. The prices are pretty stiff, I wonder just what that covers. I’ll have to check into it some more before I decide. I’ll probably go though, I don’t want to miss the opportunity.


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