Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

Off Kilter brought to our attention a 700 acre terrain park that caters to outdoor enthusiast ~ The Rocky Mountain Terrain Park.

Back in 2000, the Steel family noticed the shortage of land for off road enthusiast and with the continue closing of off roading access land, the bough up 700 acres of land in Maine and now cater to those who enjoy trail riding in 4×4’s, atv’s, dune buggies, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, etc. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park is open year round with something for everyone who loves to have fun. Some of the many things offered at Rocky Mountain Terrain Park are guided trail riding tips, deep and shallow mud pits, massive rock crawling, tracks set up for 12 and under, huge snow-cross track in winter, Campsites for big campers and tent camping, and a on ground eating establishment. Their vision continues to grow and the park continues to expand. Here is more from the Rocky Mountain Terrain Park website:

“As the park expands there are plans for many more attractions as well as better camping facilities and actual cabins. A sampling of the attractions we hope to offer soon includes a full sized moto-cross track, sand drags, truck and tractor pulls, hill climbs, and mini-golf. Our winter plans will include tubing, skating, and an indoor remote control race track.

We welcome you to come and grow with us. Our vision is for a family outdoor playground that will give you the control and freedom to push the limits of yourself and your vehicle in all the ways that you can’t seem to do anywhere else these days.

Our goal is not strictly points and competition but a rough and tumble family outdoor park that allows you to hone your skills as well as spend time with others doing the same thing.

In keeping with the family theme we discourage alcohol, late nights and glass bottles. We want to be around for you for generations and to do so we must keep our liability at a minimum and our good times at a premium. Any and all suggestions are welcome as we work on developing our dream for you.

The park is just two miles off Route 2 in Carthage and is easy to get to from anywhere in New England. Contact us if you have need of more specific directions or any questions!”

See you soon!
The Steele Family

Want to know more.. Visit the Rocky Mountain Terrain Park website or give John a call at 207-272-8012 to schedule your visit. check out their calendar for upcoming events for availability and membership information.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I live in upstate New York so this would be a reasonable weekend trip for me. I’d like to see the terrains they offer so I’ll most likely be heading out sometime soon to see what it’s all about. Thanks for the info.


  2. It sounds like a great place to get out of traffic and into some fun. My 2 boys like to ride with me so I’m really glad to see that there will be no alcohol allowed. I’m still trying to talk my wife into a weekend off road but she’s such a ‘city girl’!


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