Jeepers Creepers, it’s a Female Jeeper! ~ Lisa Pence

Lisa Pence

Starting today, ever week on Wednesday’s, XtremeTerrain will be featuring a female Jeeper complete with bio and pictures. If you would like be featured, drop a comment here with a link to your Facebook page or drop a comment on the XtremeTerrain Fan Page! And don’t worry guys, the same goes for you, except it will be on featured on Friday’s.

Lisa Pence

“Heres another of me with Oreo…after a day of playing. I’m going to upload a few more for you….also if you want, check out my photos under mudding section for some more”

Without further ado… XtremeTerrain would like to introduce Lisa Pence

Tell us a little about you.. as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing such as age, marital status, kids, work etc..
Hello! I am Lisa Pence, 25 years old and from Piqua, Ohio. I am single with no kids, and a one of a kind type of girl. Total girly girl but I love getting dirty, I am the Off-road Princess. I do modeling and beauty pageants on the side….that and off-roading normally don’t go hand in hand. I like shopping, going out you name it, but what I LOVE is playing in mud puddles. Its my adrenalin fix, almost like a drug. It is a stress relief, and a lot of fun while I’m at it. I work in Public Safety as a 911 Dispatch Supervisor….which is stressful and very time consuming. The funny thing is, my place of employment has 4 people with Jeep vehicles, and two of us off-road together. I have made several friends along the beaten path….some life long friendships just by having a Jeep. I even have a few female Jeepers’ that I love off-roading with.

What type of Jeep do you run Lisa?
Currently I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Columbia Edition It has a 4 inch lift with 33′ tires and some other mods. Daily driver turned weekend warrior!

Do you have a favorite spot to off road?
Ummmm….its kinda of illegal to go back to where I play 🙂 But its the most fun place ever, at the bend in the road down by the river….a well known spot in our area that everyone goes to, however, no one knows who owns it. Its a little risky, but worth it! I am going to Haspen Acres in September, from what I heard its awesome, may just have a new spot!

Lisa Pence

“Nothin’ like getting a little muddy in the Oreo….go little Jeep go!”

Any favorite off roading quotes?
“Awww crap, who has a winch?” and “This dirty girl cleans up nicely”

If you could have any modifications done, what would they be?
Definitely a bigger lift….Rubicon Express 6 inch on 35′ BFG Mud Terrains with Moto Metal Skull Wheels. Rock sliders and a Smittybilt Rock Crawler Front Bumper with D Rings (My next mod by the way), a winch, Should I go on and on???

What was your best/worse modification if any?
It sounds simple and silly, but I purchased a front vent scoop for the front vent on the hood of my Jeep. Two winters ago, I was driving to work and it was snowing out….the snow on the hood of my Jeep sucked into my Jeep with the heater on, the inside of my Jeep looked like a snow globe!! I thought I would try the scoop, and it works! Ive had them on both of my Jeeps and recommend them to ANY Jeeper! Who wants a snow globe on wheels?

Lisa Pence

“My mom is a Jeeper too! She has owned several since she was younger. Die hard Jeep lover, she said she will never drive anything else!”

How old were you when you first started off roading?
I was 23….I had always wanted a Jeep. My mother has had Jeeps her whole life and my little sister had a Wrangler. I could never figure out driving a stick. I tried and tried to learn with no success. I found a Jeep I wanted, and decided I was going to make myself learn. So I sold my truck and bought the Jeep, and in a week I was doing it. I normally just rode the trails with friends….that weekend after I learned I was blazing the trails. I wish I would have forced myself to learn earlier on….I missed out on some good times.

Why you love Jeep Off Roading Lisa?
FREEDOM! I roll no matter what time of year with the windows down, mud slinging….last year, I was laughing on the trail and hit a huge puddle…got a face full of mud. I like pushing my Jeep to the limits and seeing what it will do. I also love the friends Ive made thru local Jeep events in the area where I live. I have had a blast…..nothing in this world like a Jeeper, the friendliest people on the road. Big Jeep Wave to you!

Lisa Pence

“I was at the gas station where I lived at the time after a weekend of mudding. I was dressed up heading to work, when a guy in a Rubicon pulled up beside me. He leaned over and asked “How did you get so lucky for your boyfriend to let you drive his Jeep?” I politely turned around and told him “This isn’t my boyfriends Jeep, its mine.” He then laughed hysterically, and said “Yeah right, I’ve never seen a girl in heels driving a muddy Jeep before” He then sped away….I only hoped that he saw the two stickers I had on the back of my rig “Offroad Princess” and “This dirty girl cleans up nicely” Maybe someday Ill meet him on the trail!”

Any off roading story or incident you would like to share.
I could go on and on all day on off-road stories. I already told you about my Rubicon Jeeper’ laughing because I drove a muddy Jeep and wore heels! There was also the time that I thought I would be a big shot and park on a huge hill…..I got out and stood on my running board to have a friend snap a picture. Well…my Jeep was in park with the brake on, and rolled backwards in the mud, almost hitting my friends Jeep, all while I’m standing on the running board. It was so scary….but I laughed the whole time! I develop a case of turrets’ syndrome when I get stuck….and I’ve been known to dress like Sasquatch when its cold and snowy off-roading…..I had on so many layers that I couldn’t get in or out of my Jeep. Jeepers improvise while off-roading, including females. I’ve had my fair share of days where I’ve had to pee in the woods, or fell in the mud. Girls do it like the boys do….and we can hang with them too. Females aren’t just passengers….we drive our own rigs…and blaze our own trails!

Lisa Pence

“Last but not least….my current Jeep. After having my 01 Sahara, I was a Jeeper tried and true!! Just last week, an older guy pulled up beside me in a parking lot…..after I got out, he laughed and said “Wow, its a real kick in the manhood when a chic has a bigger Jeep than mine” I just laughed and said “Yep, guess it would be” He gets a bigger Jeep wave than anyone when I pass him in town now.”

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’ve noticed an increase of female drivers at Jeep events this year. There have always been a few, but their numbers are growing. More power to them.


  2. My wife drives as much and possibly more than I do when it comes to off road fun. Her theme song is ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Jan is actually very good at it, and a lot more daring than I am.


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