And More Jeeps -Tom’s Jeep, Edward’s Jeep, and Chris’s Jeep

On Monday I will be posting an official blog inviting all Jeep Off Roader’s an opportunity to have a featured blog interview like Wednesday Jeepers’ Creepers It’s a Female Jeepers’ blog featuring Lisa Pence. I would like to get enough people interested to be able to have a Wednesday female Jeeper featured and Friday a Male Jeeper featured. There will be more details on Monday’s blog so if you are interested, please stay tuned. It will be a perfect opportunity to show off your Jeep and your Jeep’s abilities (of course, your abilities too!)

Now, on to the Jeep Pictures.

Finishing up on the first batch of pictures from everyone, I would like to present Tom Lucas’s Jeep, Edward J. Rayner Jr.’s Jeep, and Chris Hess’s Jeep.

Tom Lucas

Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas

From Tom “That was at Cromwell Meadows CT. All 3 jeeps XJ,TJ,JK are now in Chandler AZ we moved here 6 months ago.”

Edward J Rayner Jr. “My 2008 JK”

Edward J Rayner Jr
Edward J Rayner Jr
Edward J Rayner Jr
Edward J Rayner Jr
Edward J Rayner Jr
Edward J Rayner Jr

Chris Hess

Chris Hess

From Chris “And of course one of my TJ flexin a lil bit!”

Chris Hess

From Chris “Here is one of the ZJ playin in the mud!”

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Looks like Tom really knows how to have fun. That’s my kind of terrain. I appreciate you posting the pictures. I like looking at all kinds of Jeeps, idle or in action.


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