Breeze or No-Breeze

Strapless Bikini Top for Jeep 1980-83 CJ5 Black only

Can I get a count on you Jeepers that love to ride with your top off and feel the breeze? I bet that would be the majority of you. It gives you the similar freedom feel of that when riding a motorcycle, the wind on your face (wear a helmet of course for safety!). Now, how many of you enjoy running your Jeep in the winter without your Jeep top on? Not as many of you, I am sure, except for maybe a select few of extremists that are really reincarnated polar bears!

While it is great to feel the wind beneath your wings while you are riding with your Jeep top off, there are times it is just necessary to cover up. It is still just as much fun, just a whole lot more comfortable!

From the reddening glare of the sun to the downpours of rain, or bitter cold air, snow and sleet, from time to time you’ll need a little protection for your delicate areas like you, your leather interior, dash and floorboards.

Sun continuously beating down on your seats can turn them once comfortable pads to dull, cracked, and wrinkled seats (not so comfortable especially when running with shorts on!. Face it, being caught in a rain downpour is simply no fun as far as clean up! Cold air makes things brittle and crack and well, is just less than a pleasant driving condition not to mention being snowed on or worse yet, being caught in sleet! Whether it’s the thunderclouds overhead, beating down sun, or the winter blues a Jeep bikini top is the perfect solution to transform and protect.

While the stock hard top is great for winter months, it’s hardly conducive to a summer road trip up the coast or off-roading in the mountain air. A Jeep soft top and Jeep bikini top protects you from the glare of the sun that would otherwise burn you to a crisp or the occasional shower that would leave you soaked.

Designed specifically to your vehicle’s make, model, and year, each Jeep bikini top is easy to put on or take off with quick-release fasteners that detach and reattach. And you can get them in a wide array of colors to complement or accent your Jeep and styles. Check them out on XtremeTerrain. There are some great deals to be had!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Depends! For me, it’s breeze all the way. If Kari is with me, it’s ‘It’ll mess up my hair’. Just one more reason to hit the trails alone or with one of my buddies.


  2. Give me the sun and wind in my face any day. I have to laugh at the guys who are all closed in and have the air conditioning on. They could have stayed home and got that. Softies!!


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