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You may have noticed that last week I did a featured blog titled “Jeepers Creepers it’s a Female Jeeper ~ Lisa Pence”. Again, I would like to thank Lisa for being my guinea pig in this new venture. What you will start to see on this blog site is featured blogs about XtremeTerrain Fan’s that are die hard Jeepers. I have sent out personal invites to some to get the ball rolling that I felt would make great interviews. What the blogs will consist of is just Jeepers personal stories of off roading along with pictures they want to share with everyone.

On Wednesday’s I will run a Female Jeepers’ bio interview and a Male Jeeper bio interview on Friday’s. In return, those who participate will receive a XtremeTerrain Sticker and a voucher for FREE SHIPPING on their next order from

The featured Jeeper’ will also have an opportunity to give a shout out to their favorite Jeep Clubs and Groups they belong to and hopefully this will bring connections for everyone and make for enjoyable fun reading where everyone will be able to relate to one another stories or possibly even pick up tips here and there.

If you are interested in being featured send out a personal message to us on the XtremeTerrain Facebook page and I will get the details to you. Look forward to hearing from you and reading your Jeep stories!
XtremeTerrain Team

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. If I had a newer Jeep, I’d sure let you put my picture out here. I have tons of fun in my old Jeep and I doubt I’d trade it for a new one. But it sure ain’t much to look at. It’s one of those ‘faces’ only a mother could love!


  2. I really enjoy the blogs on other Jeep lovers. The pics are usually great too. Gives me more ideas about areas that I’d like to visit and off road parks and events too.


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