Who is excited about winter off roading?

It won’t be long before those white flaky cold things start falling from the sky covering our playgrounds giving our terrain a whole new spin on off roading fun. Winter Jeep Off roading can be just as much fun as mudding there is just different precautions that need to be taken and well, it is just a whole lot colder!

When planning an off roading winter adventure there is some precautionary things to keep in mind and bring along. Recovery gear is essential in any off roading adventure, but even more so important with winter conditions. Make sure you have packed tow hooks, snatch straps, and winches. These will be your lifeline if stuck in 6 feet of snow. Snow shovels are also important to bring. When stuck in snow, sometimes it can be as easy a digging the snow away from around the tires, frame and axle for relief.

Approaching snow covered ground take a bit of skill and experience different than that of approaching mud, but one similarity is to know your depth before charging in. It is easier to maneuver and get on top of packed or wet heavy snow then deep dry snow. Therefore, when facing 6 feet of dry snow, it is wise to reconsider unless your intent is to see how deep you can bury your jeep. You are wise to ride on terrain you are familiar with, that you have a good idea of what is underneath all that pretty white stuff.

Make sure your jeep is equipped with tires to handle the snow. Wide flexible tires work well under snow off roading conditions. It is essential you have along the trails with you and mobile air tank for re-airing your tires. Before hitting the trails covered in snow… lower the air pressure in your tires to help with surface contact. Lighter the Jeep the less you sink in the snow, so winter off roading is not a great time to carry everything except the kitchen sink with you. But do make sure you bring along some blankets and basic survival gear fro winter just in case you are off the beaten path and do get stuck!

If you are a winter off roader, share your tips here for others who also may want to play in the snow.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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  1. I just got my Jeep this past May so I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out on snow. I’m thinking I probably will at least give it a try. I ski and snow board so it just follows that I’d do this too. Thanks for including all of the tips, I’m sure I’ll be needing every one of them.


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