Jeepers Creepers it’s a Female Jeeper ~ Beth Hunnell

Beth Hunnell

As promised, every Wednesday as participants allow, there will be a featured Jeeper blog of a special Female jeeper from the XtremeTerrain fan page. If you would like to participant and become a featured Jeeper please contact us on Facebook and we will get you featured too! Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you Beth Hunnell. Thanks Beth!

“My name is Beth, I am 27 years old and from a small town in the mountains of West Virginia. I live with my boyfriend and 3 kids. I have a house cleaning business called Cleaner Image (check it out, I am in school to get my associates degree in Foundations of Business.. with the intentions of getting my MBA. When I am not busy working my family and I enjoy anything outdoors. Hiking, camping, a day on the river, and most importantly off roading. My kids haven’t fell in love with it yet, but I am sure they will catch the bug soon enough ;)”

What type of Jeep do you run?
I have a 95 XJ 4.5″ Rough Country Lift and 32’s.. and it’s PINK!!!

Favorite spot to off road?
The Good Evening Ranch in Canvas West Virginia and Swiss which is also in the southern part of the state.

Favorite off roading quote?
JEEP= Just Empty Every Pocket. If I am not wanting to spend money on an upgrade then I am breaking something that needs fixed.

If you could have any modifications done, what would they be?
Haha.. there are to many to list, but if I could have ANY I would get a 6″ Rough Country lift and long arms.. and then of course from there I would need numerous upgrades.

What was your best/worse modification if any?
The best was the simplest.. disconnecting the swaybar!!!

Do you belong to any off roading organization, if so which one(s)?
I am a member of the two best clubs in the area – Jeepin WV and Mountaineer Off Road.

How old were you when you first started off roading?
I always loved lifted Jeeps, but never thought about their off road capabilities until I was 24 or 25.. I had no idea what I was missing!

Why you love Jeep Off Roading?
I prefer to be a driver instead of a passenger, but between me and my boyfriend we have 3 lifted Jeeps (YJ and 2 XJ’s) so if one is broken we have a few spares 😉 It gives me a sense of control and I become fearless. There is nothing like being inches away from a drop and thinking OMG can I make it!!!

Any off roading story or incident you would like to share.
As you can see from the picture I posted my Jeep enjoys being on 3 wheels.. I was waiting to get quick disconnects and had went wheeling many times before my boyfriend finally just disconnected and left it alone. I have quite a few pictures like that and half the time I had no idea I was only driving on 3 wheels.

Beth’s Jeep when she first bought it.

Beth’s Jeep after a little custom paint job…

Beth’s boyfriend Kevin’s YJ (But of course he would be a Jeeper too! 🙂

Beth playing in her XJ..

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I wondered about the pink paint job since I’ve never seen any new pink Jeeps. It’s a cool color and fits her totally. I’ve been considering a new paint job for mine. I doubt I’d be brave enough to try a vibrant pink, maybe a shade of lavendar would suit me better. You go Beth!


    1. Thanks Joselyn! I think a lot of people think to wheel you need to be one of the boys and I am pretty girly. I wanted my Jeep to reflect that. I still have a ton of work to do to it and love helping with the the mods and such. It’s been a great learning experience and the first vehicle me and my boyfriend has ever painted!


  2. Not bad for a first paint job. I’ve been thinking about giving my girls Jeep a custom paint job, something similar to yours. She is all girl too but doesn’t mind get down and dirty in her Jeep. I love it. It’s actually how we met and it keeps our relationship going strong.


  3. My guy, Duane, is nutso about his Jeep. I’ve tried telling him that Jeeps and off road driving is a guy thing but after looking at all of these blogs, I’m willing to admit that I might have been a little short sighted. I don’t want to be covered in mud, but I’m willing to go out with him to see what it’s all about. He thinks if I go once, I’ll be hooked. Heck, maybe he’s right. I do like living on the edge. We’ll see.


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