Another Jeeper’s Creepers Bio – John Gould

John Gould

ExtremeTerrain would like to introduce everyone to yet another great Jeeper – John Gould, but before doing so I just have something I want to share right quick. We at ExtremeTerrain have been overwhelmed with the wonderful response we have received for the Featured Jeeper Blogs to where we are having to extend on what we thought was going to be a twice week posting to a more active posting just to get caught up. Does this mean we will stop taking interviews? NO WAY!!! We love hearing your stories and so do other Jeepers! Therefore, if you want to participate, shoot us off a message on the ExtremeTerrain Facebook Page and we will get you set up!

Now, without further ado.. Let’s talk John..

Crabtree March 2010

I asked John to tell us a little about himself and John shared “My name is John. I grew up in Virginia Beach VA and moved to Chester VA. I am 43 years young. My Jeep is a 1989 YJ. My favorite place to wheel is Shoe Creek in Nelson County VA.”

John Gould

Favorite Quote: “The only quote is saying ‘them damn round lights'”.

John Gould

“The only mod I would like done to my Jeep is a better motor. I would like to stroke it to a 360 or a 383. The best modification I have ever done was installing the Ruff Country 4” lift and the rock sliders by Body Armor.”

John Gould is a member of Southside Jeepers

“As of now I belong to Southside Jeepers in Chesterfield VA.; the best bunch of guys and gals you could ever meet. We do a lot for the community such as blood drives with VA blood and raise food for the VA food bank. We also joined up with a local hospital to help get there staff to work in bad weather.”

Winter wonderland...

“I first started off roading when I bought my first 4×4 which was a 94 XJ and never looked back again. I love off roading with other jeepers cause we all share a common bond about our rides and we help each other out in times of need.”

John Gould

“The best story I have is when I took a buddy wheeling for the first time ( he has never been ) and went on a trail that had trees on one side and about a 60 foot drop off on the other and he said no way you going up there well we did and he had a blast; even went 2 days later and got himself a Jeep!”

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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  1. I just bought my Wrangler this past Summer and am looking forward to hitting the trails when the snow starts falling. I got some good rides in with a buddy of mine before I took the plunge. I love my Jeep and I have had so much fun with it so far. I’ve attended a few rally’s and have met some amazing people. I really dig reading about fellow Jeepers.


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