Jeepers Creepers – It’s a Female Jeeper – Angela Griffith Paul

Angela Griffith-Paul

Angela isn't afraid of a little mud!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all another female Jeeper – Angela Griffith-Paul. As Angela puts it – she is a “tough chick with a good heart!” and I believe you will learn tat quick while reading her interview. Now, without further ado.. allow me to present Angela Griffith-Paul.

Angela Griffith-Paul

We asked Angela to tell us a little about herself and Angela graciously shared “Hmmm, what does one say about themselves. I am 29 years young. Yes, I will be 30 in December! Oh brother!! I have a great Husband and we have 4 children. I live in a small Massachusetts town, where if you don’t know what your doing I’m sure someone else does. I try to stay clear of the town gossip. I guess I could best be described as a Tom Boy with girly tendencies lol. I enjoy getting my nails and pedi done. But I’m certainly not afraid of getting dirty, cracking open a beer or breaking a nail. I am learning more and more about wheeling and fixing my own rig. I am luck to have a husband who is willing to teach me. It is fun learning how to fix your own stuff. I’m a tough chick with a good heart! I’m a mommy of two ten year old daughters a seven year old daughter and a 2 year old son. They all enjoy wheeling but one – she has no interest and wont go with us. My son thinks it’s awesome. He’s always hooking straps up to his tonka trucks and pulling them out. LOL!. I have been certified Medical Assistant for 10 years. I recently made a change in my career. I am working in a flower shop and going to school part time to be a criminal psychologist. It is going to be a long road but I’m sure it will be worth it. I have a great family and a great bunch of friends. I would have to say I am one lucky girl!”
Angela Griffith-Paul

We would have to agree. We went on to ask Angela what type of Jeep does she run and she shared with us “I have a 1997 Hot Pink Grand Cherokee Laredo with a 5 inch Rough Country Lift and 33 inch 12.5 Maxxis Bighorns with off set rims….love them!!! A few mods I done to it so far, I’ve only had it for 6 months, brush guard, nightshade tail lights, skid plates and a bunch of other normal stuff that goes along with lifting a Jeep. I’m always getting attention. People are always giving the thumbs up and commenting on my Jeep. It is great! The best is when I drive by a group of guys and their mouths drop open!! And oh how I get the attention of little girls! It is funny to watch as I drive by, – they tug on their moms and you can see them saying “look mommy its a pink car!” LOL!

Angela went on to tell us that her favorite spot to off road was “Anywhere that has mud!” and went on to tell us “Actually I have enjoyed all trails I’ve been on. Not to keen on the steep inclines, the body roll on my jeep is ridiculous! But I get through it. I do enjoy playing on the rocks. I like a challenge. We have some very nice trails around here anyone from stocker to highly modified can enjoy them. There is usually a way around the harder stuff. I also need to mention Rocky Mountain Terrain Park in Maine, Great Guy, AWSOME Trails, and a great place to camp!”
Angela Griffith-Paul

When asked what were Angela’s favorite off roading quote, she went on to tell us she had many but her favorites would have to be “Not All Girls are Passengers” which is on the rear of her Jeep and “This dirty girl cleans up nicely!”

We asked Angela if you could have any modifications done, what would they be? She responded with “Well, If all goes to plan, the jeep is getting a makeover this winter. Full roll cage, 2 inches more in lift, long arm kit, locker, high steer set up, and a couple other things. She is going to be a whole different Jeep!!!” We can’t wait to see the pictures after that!
Angela Griffith-Paul

Angela Griffith-Paul

The best Jeep modification Angela ever did on her Jeep, Angela states was the 5 inches of lift and new tires and went on to tell us about the worst. “The worst by far was the pink camo paint job. The hubby was out fishing with the guys and me and my girls were bored so we decided to camo the jeep. I liked it, but it looked like a hot mess after redoing the paint job I realize just how bad it really was haha. I love my Pink and black scheme that I now have. Its girly but at the same time bad butt!! The other thing I goofed on was buying Thornbirds for the Jeep. They had to be the worst driving tire I’ve ever had.”
Angela Griffith-Paul

Angela is the founding Member of Off Kilter-Off Road Jeep Club and goes on to tell us more about the group. “Our web site is We are all about community, we have organized trail cleanups, and we are putting together our first of many charity events; a Halloween party for a local girl Miranda Berry who has a rare form of bone cancer. I would love to see some jeepers there showing support. I also belong to Exploring NH, a group of great people to wheel with.”
Angela Griffith-Paul

We asked Angela how old she was when she first started off-roading. Her response “Actually I’m very new to this. I’ve only been wheeling since this spring. I used to ride four wheelers and dirt bikes when I was a teen. Always was a tomboy, I had more guy friends then girl friends. My brother has always had lifted trucks and recently bought his lifted jeep.”
Angela Griffith-Paul

When we asked Angela why she loved Jeep Off Roading she told us because “It is so relaxing to just get out on a trail and go. No worries. Pack a cooler grab a few friends and head out. I have to say that I have not met anyone who wheels that wasn’t friendly. It’s something that me and my husband both enjoy so its nice to have that common interest. We know when were out on a trail were both having fun.”
Angela Griffith-Paul

In closing we asked Angela if she had any off roading story or incident she would like to share. Here is hers.. “Well, I would have to say the most memorable experience was when my best friend flipped her jeep. She was just playing in a little mud hole, nothing stressful on the jeep at all. The throttle stuck wide open and she had no where to go. Her choice was beaver pond, Big rock or Woods. She had about a 4 second decision and she chose rock. When she hit she flipped. My 7 year old was in the Jeep along with her two kids. I have to say that was the most scariest stuff I’ve been through!. Shocking though, my daughter still loves to wheel. Everyone is ok, but the Jeep was completely destroyed and my best friend has no interest in wheeling again. I will always have that day in the back of my mind when were out.”

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Now this is definitely a girl after my own heart. I’ve always said that it’s unfair that the boys get all the cool toys and we get the dolls!? No way, my Jeep and I are always out there showing up the guys. I knew I wasn’t out there all by myself and you are doing a great job of letting everyone know!


  2. That’s the way to go for sure. A family that wheels together is one that will stick together through thick and thin. Most gals wouldn’t think of getting down and dirty like this.


  3. You go Mama! Jeeping at 30 with 4 kids is a woman I can respect. I expect those kids think you’re pretty amazing too. I can’t even imagine my Mom getting behind the wheel of a Jeep and hitting the trails at any age, but definitely not after she had my sister and I. Great looking Jeep too. My motto is ‘Make it your own’ and you surely have done that.


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