Featured Jeeper ~ Michael Riley

Michael Riley

Hello all you fellow Jeep lovers. Today we have yet another Jeep Enthusiast that we would like to share with you – Michael Riley. Michael resides in California. Please read on to learn more about yet another fascinating jeeper straight from Michael himself…

Michael Riley

Michael Riley
Well to start with, I’m a mechanic and own my own shop. I have one employee.. ME!  I’m 49 years old, have 1 son, 3 grandchildren, and am single but taken. Ally is my girl and she loves the trails as much as I do! I have a CJ-7 with a Brodix 383 Stroker th-400 trans with a Dana 20 transfer case 4:56, with arb lockers front and rear, and 6 in. lift on 33s, On board air, 9000 lb winch.
Michael Riley

My favorite wheeling spot, (there are many) but Red/Coyote Lakes in the Sierra’s is by far the most pleasing place to be, and wheel. My Jeeps’ future will hopefully see some armor, and new bumpers’, a full cage, and soon new paint. I have most of the off-road goodies to keep it safe when the going gets tough.
Michael Riley

I belong to Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno. We open and close the trails in our area as well as clean and preserve them. We have also install restrooms in familiar camp areas above the Shaver Lake area, maintain the trails and we do battle with those whom would like to close them.
Michael Riley

I tipped my 1st CJ-5 and thought that didn’t hurt so I built this jeep to be bigger, faster, and slower on the rocks an it is also my daily driver.  The best modification I ever done on my Jeep was putting my racecar motor in it. It is a little over the top and gets one of those “what the heck” looks everywhere. I’m a member of Cal4Wheel the Fresno Club and friends with many 4 wheelers on facebook all over this great country.
Michael Riley

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Great story and impressive pics. I’m betting it’s a good thing that you are a mechanic. There have been many times when I wish that was my trade instead of sitting behind a computer all day. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never even changed the oil on my Jeep.

    I have to agree with you on the Red/Coyote Lakes in the Sierra’s being an awesome place to be off road. I’ve been to many parts of the country and few are more impressive. Sounds like you are an all around supporter of your sport and you get my thanks for that!


  2. That is one nice looking vehicle. I can tell from the pictures as well as your words just how much it means to you. I feel the same way about my Jeep. I added a full cage after a roll. I was real lucky and walked away with only a broken arm. I had only had my Jeep a couple of weeks and was suffering from a bad case of cocky and I paid for it. I healed while the Jeep was being put back together. I got a lot smarter behind the wheel after that.


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