Gray Rock ORV Park Alabama

Another great Alabama Jeep off roading spot is Gray Rock ORV Park. Gray Rock ORV Park is located in Mt. Olive Alabama off Old Mount Olive Road. “Gray Rock is a privately-owned tract in central Alabama, north of Birmingham. The park is open by reservation or event only”.

You need to check their calendar on the web site to learn of upcoming events. Fees are dependent on the specific event or the number of people in the party reserving the park. Camping is allowed.

Gray Rock ORV Park does not allow ATVs. It does however allow for Jeeps and other off road vehicles!!! Gray Rock is available for organizations and groups to rent for events and Rock Crawl Competitions. There are tons of trails from beginner to extreme. It was recently featured in Petersons 4×4 Magazine. Check out the Gray Rock ORV Park website to view tons of pictures of past events or for information on reserving the park for your own entertainment!!!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. My Mom just moved to Alabama and now that I know this park is in the same state, I’m planning a trip. I’ll have to get the Atlas out to see where it is, and just how close it is to her house. She loves riding with me so I know I can count on her to go with me. I almost had her talked into buying her own Jeep. Maybe now, she’ll see the light.


  2. We’ve been looking for a place to hold an off road event. This is close enough to our club headquarters to make it a feasible site. We have a meeting a week from Saturday and I’ll be presenting it for a vote. I love this site!


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