Byrd’s Adventure Center of the Ozarks ~ Arkansas

Byrd's Adventure Center

Byrd’s Adventure Center of the Ozarks
7037 Cass Oark Road
Ozark AZ 72949

Off-road enthusiast can enjoy the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, a collage of logging roads and horse trails are available for Jeep owners, mountain bikers, hikers, horses and ATV riders. No matter your pleasure, Arkansas has the trail for you with spectacular views; mystic rivers and lakes; and beautiful forests for a perfect family getaway. If adventure is on your agenda, you may want to consider Byrd’s Adventure Center—their motto is “The point of the journey is not to arrive but how you get there.”

Byrd’s contains one of the most challenging four-wheel obstacle courses in the nation. Tucked in the Ozark National Forest along with the Mulberry River Valley are a variety of activities including awesome Jeep off-road tours. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can also choose from kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, zip lines and rafting not to mention mountain biking. RV and camping is also available with fees beginning at $10, as of October 2010.

While planning next camping trip, include friends and family and enjoy the off-road trails at the Center. Challenge you rock crawling skills in the Byrd’s Adventure rock garden at one of their many competitions nationally known as “Top Truck Champion Series” and the annual Rockcrawlers 4×4 “Rocktoberfest”

See some of the action live on video from Byrd’s Adventure Center here:

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’ve heard of the Byrd’s site before but have never been anywhere near close enough to check it out. My cousin is getting married next spring and the park is practically in his back yard. We’ll be going to the wedding and spending close to 2 weeks exploring with our Jeep. My wife is looking forward to the wedding and I’m OK with it, but I’m really looking forward to hitting the trails.


  2. I too have heard of Byrd’s site – but never been down that way either. It sounds like a must go to me. Am anxious to read more about it. I bet it’s tops for Jeeps and their owners! Definitely will check this out. Thanks for the info!


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