Straddle, Air, and more Air

It is not always easy to straddle a deep terrain, catch air, or even stay on all fours when you want to. Check out these next three shots from the 2006 photo contest! Have you ever found yourself in any of these positions in your Jeep?

2006 Photo Contest 9th Place Winner - John S.

2006 Photo Contest 9th Place Winner – John S.
John S. in his 1987 YJ with 4.2L bored .040 with 4.0L HO Head Conversion, HEI ignition, MotorCraft 2100 Carburator, AX-15 Transmission, NP231 Transfer Case, Teraflex 4:1 kit, Centerforce Dual Friction clutch, Spring Over Axle conversion with BDS Springs, Custom boomerang shackles, 35″ Pro Comp Mud Terrains, 15 X 10 Pro Comp Rock Crawler Rims, and to much more to list. John was at Katemcy Rocks in Mason, TX during a Memorial Day ride on an extremely treacherous run where one wrong move and you’ve got some serious body damage. Nice straddling shot.
2006 Photo Contest 8th Place Winner - Joe C.

2006 Photo Contest 8th Place Winner – Joe C.
Joe C. doing a broad jump in his 2001 TJ with a 2 1/2″ RE Lift and 32″ tires.
2006 Photo Contest 7th Place Winner - Jeff B

2006 Photo Contest 7th Place Winner – Jeff B.
Jeff B. sent in this shot of friend of his Brian, his lovely new bride Jimi, and his sister-in-law Roni. Jeff tells us “Brian pounded the gas and pulled alot of air. He is running 35″ tires, an 8.8 with Detroits and a hand throttle he should have used!!!” Picture was taken on ‘Politician trail’ at TMTC’s Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer, TX.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Those are way rad. The first one looked kinda scary, the second flat out fun and I’m still trying to figure out how the third one got in that position. I guess you had to be there. Too bad they aren’t clips instead of photos.


  2. I have not been fortunate enough to have experienced the likes of these 3 but I’ve only been Jeeping for a little over a year. I’ve learned a lot and tried a lot and I know there is so much more just waiting for me to find it. And I will, make no mistake about that. Those are some totally awesome pictures and inspiring too. Thanks for sharing them.


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