Ode to My Jeep at Christmas by Cindy Homans Creighton

Cindy Homans Creighton

Good day all you Jeep enthusiasts.. Today I want to share a poem I cam across by a very talented writer I might add, while reading the news feed on Facebook today. Cindy Homans Creighton posted this ode that is fitting for all Jeep owners who know how to have fun in their Jeeps. Thank you Cindy for allowing me to share your great poem and picture with all of our readers!

Ode to My Jeep
At Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas,
And everyone was asleep;
It was a perfect night,
For a rip in the Jeep.

I quietly slipped out,
Snow was gently falling;
When I got to the trailhead,
A Barred Owl was calling.

The trailhead was blocked,
By a big mound of snow;
Time to air down,
And put ‘er in 4-Low.

I tried to crawl it first,
But this mound was no mini;
I backed ‘er back up,
And gave ‘er the skinny.

She blasted up and over,
This snow mound with ease;
With lockers turning all wheels,
She was aiming to please.

It was a beautiful night,
A shame to waste on sleep;
This is what I call quality time,
For me and my Jeep.

The trail was pristine,
The off-camber sections were nice;
But then she plunged into a hole,
And crashed through the ice.

The tires spewed slush,
And the engine did roar;
But it was time to unspool,
My trusty 8274.

The winch it pulled,
As the tires they spun;
A big smile on my face,
This was all part of the fun.

We’re rolling again,
But it’s time to head back;
Santa will soon be here,
And I must hit the sack.

I put another log on the fire,
And headed up to sleep.
I drift off dreaming,
Of fun times in my Jeep!

Cindy Homans Creighton

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That is so cool! It would make an awesome Christmas card. Of course, I’d have to use a picture from my snow days, although your’s is great too. Jeepers have a great sense of humor and this is just further proof.


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