Featured Jeeper – Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell

Today we have another female Jeeper’s story I have the honor of sharing with you all ~ the one of Jennifer Russell. So, without further ado… allow me to present yet another great Jeeper – Jennifer Russell!

Yea its chalk.......its rhino lined so it won't hurt it. They think its cool there mom is letting them write on the jeep with chalk.

Hi, my name is Jennifer Russell. I’m 33 years old, and yes naturally blonde not the ditsy dingy type! Lol! I live in Independence, Louisiana. I am divorced with 2 wonderful children, 8 year old son, who wants a camo jeep when he gets older and a 4 year old girl, who wants a pink and purple Jeep; they both want them big and bad like their mine!!! I am one lucky mom!!! I work at home so I am always here for my kids. I am a Fire Sprinkler Designer. I got my 1st Jeep when I was 17 years old, she was a red CJ7 with a 4″ suspension lift an a 2″ body lift with 36″ TSL Super Swampers! If I could find a mud hole, I was in it. Where I lived at the time there aren’t any mountains or hills to climb on all we have is just lots of mud an swamps (New Orleans). I have always worked on my jeeps have never been afraid to get greasy. I say grease does a body good! I am laid back and easy going. I love spending time with my two kids and Sean; and having bonfires out in the yard; and yes some livations. I love being out in the country fresh air and plenty of land to play on and my four dogs love it!
Jennifer Russell

During the divorce process I had relocated to the country and found 1983 CJ5 for sale out on the side of the road. I then knew that she would be mine. I missed my old CJ 7. My current Jeep the CJ5 was originally Lexus midnight green, with a 4″ suspension lift, Chevy small block 400, 36″ super swamper boggers, and had never been taken off road until I brought her home. When I told the previous owner that I had taken her out in the mud, the phone got really quiet. I think he had to change his draws! He informed me that she had never been off road and was used to get to work and back, also that I was the first one to go off road with her. No wonder she kept throwing universals every time she got in a rut! Eventually, due lack of maintenance by the previous owner, the oil pump went out. It was probably going out prior to me buying her. This inevitably caused the main and rod bearings to go out, and I had to park her and started her rehabilitation process.

Jennifer Russell

Well the Saints made it to the super bowl so we took a trip to Florida that weekend to see my SAINTS WIN in my Exterra and while there, was rear ended. My Exterra was totaled, which helped fund the Jeep “resurrection” process. Funny how things work. We got back home to the “Bayou state” and started ordering every thing to get her up and running again. Ordered a brand new Chevy 350 from Phoenix engines; Rhino lined her inside and out; re-tweeked the suspension; re-geared the tranny and transfer case; rewired the whole jeep with a painless wiring harness (which is any thing but) (they aught to be sued for false advertising hahaha!); new racing seats; painted all the trim Chevy Orange to match the engine; added 3″ body lift; added a bunch of lights from Snappy lights off of eBay; ran all new exhaust to include twin Cherry Bomb (glass packs); gave it a 4″ Rough Country lift; Steering stabilizers; and 36″ Super Swamper Boggers. I think with all the other stuff I ordered from various companies, I should own stock in them! Also a good friend George who has a jeep parts shop up in Osyka, Mississippi just on the other side Louisiana line, who I’ve know for years (used to deal with him when I had my CJ 7) was kind enough to find parts that I was unable to find and drop them off to me when headed to his shop. (Thanks George!) Also, my thanks to Sean, my boyfriend. He stripped her down and put her back together from the ground up and it only took him four months to do it! (Love ya Sean!) The front of my windshield says “JEEP GIRLS LIKE IT TOPLESS & DIRTY” but should have gotten a sticker that says “like what you see?” or “take a picture… it’ll last longer!” or “quit staring your girlfriend is watching you” Lol!
Jennifer Russell

My favorite spots to go offroading are anywhere there is mud to get into! And including my back yard! Yes, you read that right! LOL!

If I had to say just one Jeep quote best fits me, it would be “Sit down, shut up, and hold on!” or “Watch this!”

Jennifer Russell

There really isn’t any other modifications I need, but if I had to choose any it would be just want bigger tires, 8″ suspension lift but would settle for a 6″ and a full roll cage, and maybe some lockers on the back. Lol!
Jennifer Russell

I have been offroading since I was 15, but like I had said earlier, didn’t get my first Jeep until I was 17. I am still going strong at 33 and never gonna quit! I love Jeep Offroading because it’s the freedom you feel, no top, no doors mud flying everywhere it just feels great! Whenever I am having a bad day, I jump in my jeep and hit the back windy country roads and clear my mind or find a mud hole to get into. Driving a jeep just leaves a person speechless it’s that wonderful. Although I have many offroading stories I could share, one that sticks out at the moment is one involving my boyfriend. The incident actually took place on road which was done probably on purpose by Sean! LOL! We took the jeep to the corner store to get gas and on the way home he popped the clutch and slammed it into second gear and got vertical, or as he would say “got wood” yeah he rode a wheelie in my jeep back to the house! Keep Jeepin everyone!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I had to laugh when I read how you hit the trails in your Jeep when you have a bad day. I’m right there with you. I learned a long time ago that an hour with the wind in my hair and a challenging terrain were a lot cheaper and more beneficial than an hour with my therapist!


  2. I told my girl about the chalk and she has turned her kids lose on her Jeep. They are in their teens and both accomplished artists. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Great pictures by the way. Maybe we’ll cross paths on the trails.


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