JEEPGIRLS doing what they do Best – Having fun in their Jeeps!

Sue Vtjeepgirl Norton

Sue Norton shared with me a great video that was created around a song by an up and coming music artist Opal Justice called Good Girls and Dirty Jeeps. In the video not only will you be able to hear the song, but surly relate, especially if you are a female jeeper. Also you will see a couple of women jeepers that have been Featured Jeepers in the blog.

In the blue YJ you will see Sue (vyjeepgirl) Norton doing her thing, the red YJ is sporting Vicky Morrico (Sue’s daughter in law) and in the white YJ Lisa Mallison is getting down and dirty in her jeep too! The video was created from various clips over the past three years of these women Jeep off roading and includes regions of Vermont, New Jersey, and New York.


A little more about the artist behind this video: Sue shared with us that “Opal Justice & Randall W. Walker co-wrote this song and its been a couple yrs in the making. This past Sept 2010 they were finally able to do there 1st CD.” You can find this cd and listen to more of their work at

Now for the video! Enjoy!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Those definitely ain’t your garden variety girly girls and I thank God every day for their sassy little ways. I can’t abide a gal who won’t try anything ‘fun’ because they might break a nail or get a smudge on their clothes. I’d love to see one of them frillies go for a ride with Sue!


  2. The clip was awesome and Jeeper Girls are some of the most interesting women I know. They are every bit as challenging as any of the guys in the club and several of them are more adept behind the wheel than some of our male members. Of course, the guys don’t like hearing it but they know as it’s been proven time and time again!


  3. Thank you Cindy! LOL @ Ray I have had someone jump right out the passenger door one time, while I was wheeling up a steep hill! Thank you Billy!!! Lisa has been wheeling just a lil over a year, and she is doing awesome!!! I have taught her everything I knew…including wrenching on the Jeeps!


  4. I love to see the gals behind the wheel. They know no fear and demand the respect they’ve earned. I love it. My youngest sister is the one that got me started Jeeping. She was a patient tutor and an inspiring driver.


  5. I really enjoyed the clip, thanks for sharing it. Girls do have fun behind the wheel. I’ve just had my Jeep for 1 year and I already know I’ll be driving one until I can’t drive any more. My Grandma, who will be 83 on Christmas, still drives a Jeep. She is the one who got me hooked and she has been an inspiration in more ways than I can say. She doesn’t drive off road much any more, she says it’s too hard on the joints, but she still likes to talk about it and look at the pictures I take.


  6. Kimber I love the fact it was your grandma who got you started in Jeeping!! I plan on driving mine til I cant drive anymore also. And Robbie another one inspired by a female Jeeper your sister, I love it!!


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