Featured Jeeper – Alan and Tammy Czech

Alan and Tammy Czech

Today’s featured Jeeper is a husband and wife team – Mr and Mrs Czech. Alan and Tammy Czech reside in Paulden Arizona and were kind enough to share a little about themselves and their off roading experiences.

Alan and Tammy Czech

We asked the Czech to share a little about themselves and Alan shared with us:
“We are Alan and Tammy Czech. We are both 44 yrs old and have been married since 2007. I am semi retired, and Tammy is a care provider in Prescott.”

“We own a 2005 TJ sport with a 3 in suspension and a 2 in body lift, Lockrite lockers front and rear, 35in MT/Rs with the Kevlar sides. A couple of Tammy and mine favorite spots to off road are first, the Table Mesa area near Black Canyon City, and next the White Tanks Mountain near Buckeye AZ. There are too many trails to mention them all.”

“While off roading, a couple of the more frequently used quotes you may hear from us will be “It will buff out” or “Its just metal hitting the rock.” The biggest mod we want is to have a Dana 60 front and rear, not sure on what type of lockers yet but all the modifications we have done to date have been great! No failures yet, knock on wood!”

“We belong to a few clubs.. virtualjeepclub, JPtrails, and Offroadpassport, I think that is it. I have been into off-roading all my life but this is our first Jeep. Tammy used to race Mud Boggers and Monster trucks before she met me. We love the outdoors to wheel; it is relaxing and always something new even if we take the same trail over and over!”

“We have too many stories to tell but one that I feel really good that is also a huge accomplishment I did was to climb the notch at the end of a trail called Lower Terminator. We have watched so many flops, had our share, and we also have done a lot of recoveries. It is all part of the fun – the whole experience and something we enjoy doing together.”
Alan and Tammy Czech

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. My gosh, that last picture looks like your climbing out of a rock quarry pit. All those bodies being used for leverage or are they just along for the ride? My Wrangler is in the shop for some repair body work. It will be several more days before I get it back. I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms here!


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