Featured Jeeper ~ Diana Athena

Diana Athena

Today’s featured Jeeper is Diana Athena, another young Jeeper that couldn’t help fall in love with off roading by accident.. Read on to learn more about today’s Jeep enthusiast Diana Athena.

XtremeTerrain: Tell us a little about yourself Diana.
Diana Athena: Hrm… About me? I’m 25 year old single mom and college student. I like pink and lime-green. I fear no curb or speedbump and I scream “jeeeeeeeep” every time I see one. 

Diana Athena

XtremeTerrain: What type of Jeep do you run?
Diana Athena: I have a 1996 black 5.2L ZJ LTD. Her name is Lola.


XtremeTerrain: Do you have a favorite off roading spot?
Diana Athena: My Favorite spot to off road is over by longwood trails when I’m cranky and a few random spots in southampton.

XtremeTerrain: Favorite off roading quote?
Diana Athena: My Favorite off roading quote is “this dirty girl cleans up nicely” or “I’d rather be topless” cause I’d love a wrangler.

Diana Athena

XtremeTerrain: If you could have any modifications done, what would they be?
Diana Athena: 4inch lift. Huge swampers and a better cd player.


XtremeTerrain: What was your best/worse modification if any?
Diana Athena: Worst ever… AutoZone special intake. Best ever… My top rack of lights. Delicious!.

XtremeTerrain: Do you belong to any off roading organization, if so which one(s)?
Diana Athena: I’m a member/officer of http://www.unknownmotorsports.com . As of yet no jeep clubs. I joined lijeepforum.com but no one is ever on there. Sooo if you know of any on the island, please let me know. I love Jeep friends!

Diana Athena

XtremeTerrain: How old were you when you first started off roading?
Diana Athena: I was 17 with one of my friends. Accidentally. Fell in love.


XtremeTerrain: Why you love Jeep Off Roading?
Diana Athena: Because nothing is better than seeing a jeep covered in dirt. And my three year old screaming “yayyyy Lola is dirty!” It’s wonderful!

Diana Athena

XtremeTerrain: Any off roading story or incident you would like to share.
Diana Athena: My first instance was ridiculous. I was in a stock jeep as a passenger. We had the option to either hit a deer or go in the woods to avoid it. So we chose the woods. Soda all over me and covered the Jeep. An hour later and I was sold on Jeeps and off roading. I was petrified at first we were gonna hit a tree but nahh just puddles. It was great time!


XtremeTerrain: Favorite off roading quotes?
Diana Athena: “Mud belongs on the outside of mommy’s jeep. Not inside… Ohhh bump!!” –straight from my three year old. 

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I can really relate to Diana. I’m a 24 year old Jeeper, single Mom of a 4 year old. We both adore the freedom we find on the trails. After a fun day off road we head to the nearest car wash and hose each other down while we’re cleaning up Lizzy. I let Devon sit on my lap and ‘help’ me drive. Actually, he does a pretty good job for his age. Unlike Diana, I started with a Wrangler and I wouldn’t change it for a limo!


  2. I’m thinking I need to move to your corner of the country. There are very few girls around here that will even go along for the ride, let alone own and drive their own Jeeps. Maybe I should just be looking for a better class of companion. I think it would be a kick to have a gal who shared my love of Jeeping.


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