Featured Jeeper Kevin Marchant

Kevin L. Marchant

Today’s Featured Jeeper is none less then Kevin Marchant. Kevin comes to us from Missouri. Yet another family that loves the adventure off Jeep off roading – allow me to turn this over to Kevin as he shares his life and his jeep.

Kevin L. Marchant

Hello, a little about me you say… My name is Kevin L. Marchant. I am 32 yrs old, married (10+yrs) with 2 kids, one of each, 9 and 7 and they both love my TJ. My daughter has always had fun going off roading with me, but this summer she and her brother seemed extremely excited every time they got to go with us. My son has always loved the jeep; pretty sure it’s the only vehicle he remembers me owning.
Kevin L. Marchant

We play in a 02’ TJ with a RE SF 4.5” lift with a 1” body, and motor mount lift, Tom woods supper shorty, my own belly up skid (Rev A we call it.. trust me its UGLY…). Currently running stock 4.0 5 speed combo on stock dana 30/44 combo with 3:73 gears. Our last trip to Flat n Nasty park down south east Mo. we ran on 37” MTR’s wrapped around some nice alloys (no I don’t know who’s, at the time they were borrowed but soon to be mine and the wife and I like the look!)
Kevin L. Marchant

I hope to drop my lift down to a 2.5 and go LCG style with highline and cut rear fenders. I can do this because me and my cuz and some friends build jeep parts; one off’s custom stuff. So I don’t have to shell big bucks and the jeep is all mine so I Fab on the side, teach Design software full time (I am a geek, and a outdoor nut) Our favorite park other than Co. is Disney Ok. It has everything from big obstacles, to tight V-notchs (my personal Fav) some mud, or no mud, (most of the time you have a choice) and Hogan’s camping is pretty sweet. He has got a shop that if you can do it, you can use to fix your carnage.
Kevin L. Marchant

Oh, did I mention my axles are wide open I love hearing “When did you lock that thing up?! … I didn’t… O, Sweet!” Makes me smile. If I could do it over again, I’d of stayed LCG rather than running the Short arm kit with long travel shocks. I want to go 2.5” with a Flat belly, Rough Country. I really like there shocks, and the progressive springs; Outboard the shocks and tons of travel, and provide a very stable feel.
Kevin L. Marchant

A lot of the guys/gals I run with run a wide range of setups and like the LCG movement, as it just makes sense. Mostly I run with a ornery group of pals (best part of wheeling IMO, good peeps all around) most of the time, but we all met through the Kansas City Jeep Club. It’s had its ups and downs but it is on the mend now. I plan on joining again in January. I served as VP, Safety and on the board in the past, and look to be a member again as its restructured now. www.kcjeepclub.org check us/them out! Good peeps for the gross majority, and a good family orientated group as well. Been wheeling with them for about 6 years.
Kevin L. Marchant

I grew up playing in the mud with my sisters Cj7 (she’s got a JK now) To many stories to pick just one. Once I ended up on my side (on flat ground, completely sober) to backed over a Lincoln limo (no body panel or bumper touched it, all tire!) to lifting and off-road before I owned it 7 days.
Kevin L. Marchant

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Yee Haa, you sure know how to stretch those shocks! My boys are the same age as your kids and I can barely go gas up my Jeep without both of them being in and buckled up before I get out the door. Not that I mind. I’ve let both of them get a taste of driving and I’m sure they think it might become a regular treat.


  2. Great pics. I’ve never tried a rocky terrain. Not really much along those lines in Illinois. I’d have to leave the state, and I just might. Looks like great fun.


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